Match of the Day pundit says what every Liverpool fan is thinking after Luis Diaz error against Tottenham

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Everyone associated with Liverpool will feel robbed waking up Sunday morning after the incident that occurred during their match with Tottenham on Saturday evening. 

Reds winger Luis Diaz had a perfectly good goal ruled out in the first half of the match for offside due to a major error from the VAR officials.

Darren England and Dan Cook told referee Simon Hooper during Saturday’s fixture that Diaz’s goal in the first half should not have stood because it was offside, however, there was a communication error as they told the man in the middle “check complete” believing the onfield decision was that the goal was onside.

This error had a huge impact on the outcome of the match and speaking on Match of the Day on Saturday night, former Premier League winner Alan Shearer blasted the decision not to award the goal, describing it as a “monumental error.”

Luis Diaz thought he’d put Liverpool 1-0 up against Tottenham

Alan Shearer comments on major error in Tottenham vs Liverpool clash

Speaking about the biggest talking point from the Tottenham against Liverpool game, Shearer said on Match of the Day via the Liverpool Echo: “It’s incomprehensible. The one bit of VAR that we have accepted, learnt and can’t argue about is the offside.

“Now this is going to put so much doubt into decisions that have gone on beforehand and in the future because of this. It is a monumental error; he is clearly onside. We actually spotted straight away within a second or two that it’s not offside.”

The MOTD pundit continued by saying: “What we’re led to believe is that Darren England, who was in the VAR hub, and Daniel Cook, who was the assistant VAR, they have done all that they should have done in terms of drawing the lines.

“Instead of saying to the referee, Simon Hooper, you need to allow a goal, for some reason, he’s had a huge lapse in concentration and said check complete.

“My argument to that is: What is the point in having an assistant VAR? I’ve worked out there’s about 30-35 seconds to him making the decision and then kick-off.

“It’s a huge error; that’s the VAR [referee] Darren England, but why can’t Daniel Cook say, ‘hold on a minute, before you kick-off, we need to stop this rather than going through this process that we’ve made a huge error?’ We could have and should have stopped it before the kick-off.”

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  1. So what now.? Punish the VAR team? Fine them? U r correct, what is the point to hv VAR when they cant make the right decision.

  2. They should have a team of VAR personnel and review it in full view of the public like they do in Rugby. It has to be more transparent and subject to several angles of review.

  3. Would it be too simple to award the goal, call the game a draw and move on. The officials get stood down for one week and lose whatever pay they earn but losing two points could have a huge impact on Liverpool come season end.

  4. What is the point in watching the Premier League ,if match fixing??????is going on.How long has this been going on for????

  5. Just need to get over it, can’t say how many times spurs have been robbed by bloody VAR since it came in, so let’s move on and I doubt that mistake won’t ever happen again.

  6. I agree times spurs have been robbed it evens itself out ot good good for teams it affects but I am sure Liverpool will get decisions for them in future that are wrong if not already times at anfield spurs lost to controversial last minute decisions and goals

  7. Even now Liverpool should be given the goal in place to Rectify on field mistakes. These mistakes should be rectified even when the game is finished.

  8. More than gross incompetence officials now decide who wins a match totally biased refereeing designed for certain teams to win and get into Europe disgusting

  9. The English referees are just too corrupt
    And the FA is very much useless
    Such ref should be banned so that others can learn from it

  10. The eight errors made in the match and identified clearly in one of the reports presented on the web should be constructively reported to Howard Webb. The referee and the var officials should be interviewed and requested to explain their decisions in each instance. The two red cards should be appealed by Liverpool FC. The two red cards should be cancelled and downgraded to yellow cards and the correct suspensions applied.

  11. The Assistant VAR referee need to be assisted by another Super Assistant Referee. Job Done .

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