Video: The moment referee Simon Hooper realised VAR error made for Luis Diaz goal

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Tottenham achieved a huge result on Saturday beating Liverpool 2-1 in London but that was not the focus of everybody’s attention after the match. 

VAR officials Darren England and Dan Cook told referee Simon Hooper during Saturday’s fixture that Luis Diaz’s goal in the first half should not have stood because it was offside, however, there was a communication error as they told the man in the middle “check complete” believing the onfield decision was that the goal was onside.

The Professional Game Match Officials Limited (PGMOL) released a statement after the match stating that there was “significant human error” in the decision but that does not help Jurgen Klopp’s team now.

One Liverpool fan on X believes he has found the moment Hooper realised something was wrong after the Diaz call as he stopped after getting information into his earpiece.

Footage courtesy of Sky Sports

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  1. Simon Hooper , Mr Incompetent , same ref who saved Man Utd when Wolves were denied a nailed on penalty in injury time the does Liverpool over twice in one match , the incident with the disallowed goal and the first yellow card for Jota , no contact made by the Liverpool player

    1. Jota did not make contact, but it was the Spurs man who made the contact with Jota. Neil Mellor review of the game in Liverpool FC TV showed footage of Udogie running at top speed and his right boots raised behind to touch Jota’s knee, not his foot. The referee did not have a good view and was quick to give the first yellow. The scond yellow was worse still. Jota dived to kick the ball away, but you could see him retracting his leg and Udogie jumping over him. There was no contact at all and Jota got his second yellow card. Either the referee is incompetent or purposely used the situation to punish Liverpool further.

  2. I totally disagree,first one not a yellow but an accidental foul,so free kick,second one yes a yellow card,he was frustrated he lost the ball and lunged in to win ball back no where near the ball,you do that your asking for trouble,out off control.

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