Liverpool face backlash from fans after Anfield steward asks supporter to put Palestine flag away vs Nottingham Forest

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Liverpool faced backlash from fans after enforcing strict rules against displaying Palestinian flags at their matches.

On Thursday, during the Europa League match against Toulouse, a fan was asked to leave the stadium for wearing a black hoodie that said “Free Palestine.”

The fan shared his disappointment on X (formerly Twitter) which went viral and even prompted the club to put out a clarification that said that they do not allow any flags in the stadium.

This response prompted fans to point out the perceived hypocrisy, as the club had previously sold Ukraine merchandise in their store.

The viral post rallied a movement with fans deciding to bring Palestinian flags to Anfield against Nottingham Forest.

While many supporters were able to display these flags during the pre-game rendition of “You’ll Never Walk Alone,” a fan shared a video where a steward politely asked him to put the flag away.

The steward acknowledged the perceived double standard and apologised to the fan but still requested that the flag be put away.

And Liverpool fans expressed their disappointment once again with the club’s handling of the situation on social media.