West Ham man would support sacking David Moyes

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David Moyes is evidently a man on borrowed time at present.

The West Ham manager hasn’t seen his side win a game in any competition this year, and any protestations that he’s made post-game to TV cameras is surely just him delaying the inevitable.

From European placing to mid-table, and from playing some brilliant football to being soundly beaten in most games, the Hammers look a shadow of the side that they were earlier in the season.

The football being served up at the moment is about as far from the ‘West Ham way’ as it’s possible to be, and that undoubtedly grates on the Hammers faithful as much as anything else.

As long as the team play good football, if they’re beaten by the better side their fans will acknowledge that but get right behind them because they gave it their all.

This current team just doesn’t appear to want to go into battle at any point.

Players aren’t turning their backs on the team or refusing to play of course, but when it gets down to it, no one is sticking their head above the parapet and lead this team.

The playing staff sing to the manager’s tune, and at present Moyes can’t hit the right notes.

With that in mind, The Guardian (subscription required) suggest that technical director, Tim Steidten, is in favour of sacking the manager.

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  1. Moyse should leave West Ham he is dragging us down with football tactics and dithering in the Transfer window. The team are playing half heartedly and his negative droning voice isn’t giving them any confidence.. bye bye Moyse get out of our club NOW!!

  2. WHTID

    Managers we have had some greats,
    Lyall and Greenwood to name but two,
    and some bad ones who will not quit,
    even when their time is through.

    We even had one,
    who stabbed another in the back,
    but he ended up at spurs,
    after he got the sack.

    Some managers can not see,
    that it will soon be the end,
    when they have lost the dressing room,
    and can no longer find a friend.

    Do not turn on the fans,
    not of my beloved West Ham,
    remember what did happen,
    to that big fat Sam.

    We want to keep our best players,
    but even the youth do not want to stay,
    but this will not happen,
    until Moyes Is far far away.

    Played when not in form,
    even the position it is wrong,
    but at least we have bubbles,
    and can sing our favourite song.

    If you are out of favour,
    or your face just does not fit,
    you could be the best in the world,
    but you will only play a bit.

    Play not to loose,
    do not go all out for the win,
    you might just entertain folk,
    and that would be a sin.

    I can not take this anymore,
    Sullivan must be blind not to see,
    Moyes is happy to take a point,
    when we could of had all three.

    Moyes keeps on saying,
    these are the best times we have had,
    the words that spring to mind,
    are deluded and totally mad.

  3. Moyes has got to go he has created a situation that our best players will leave us if he remains the way things are who could blame them and who would want to come to play for us with moyes still in charge so we will only be going one way and that’s down the owners have got to act or sell up and let new owners who are football people come and take over

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