Former Premier League star Jeremy Goss ‘lucky to be alive’ after car crash

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Legendary Norwich City player Jeremy Goss said he is “lucky to be alive” following a “frightening car crash”.

As stated by the Norwich Evening News, the former Wales international was struck by a vehicle while driving in Norfolk.

He added that on January 31, at about 3 p.m., he noticed a blue car approaching him while traveling “well over the speed limit.”

After being admitted to the hospital with several injuries, he was subsequently allowed to go home.

“I spontaneously gripped the steering wheel as tight as I could – so much that I later found out I cracked a bone on my wedding ring finger – and dropped my chin into my chest expecting the worst,” the 58-year-old said. “The car collided into the back of me like an explosion – the sound was frightening.”

Goss remembers stopping “about 100 metres” after the accident. He claims that when his car collided, the airbags went off, but he didn’t realize where he was at first.

“I ended up on the left-hand side of the carriageway, up on the grass verge, not knowing where I was,” he continued. “I was worried the car could either be on fire, or catch fire, so I quickly opened my door and knew instantly I was in pain but was desperate to get out.

“I collapsed on the grass verge in a position which was as pain-free as possible – my initial worry was that I had broken my back. Before I knew it a fire engine appeared and an ambulance followed by the police. I feel lucky to be alive honestly.”

Goss was hurt in the collision by injuries to his hip, lower back, kidneys, and ribs. After the accident, he said he “couldn’t get out of bed” for a week, but he is now ambulating once more.

The most prosperous period in Norwich’s history was greatly aided by the former midfield player.

He shared a dressing room with Chris Sutton and was a member of the Norwich side that finished third in the first Premier League season.

This meant that he participated in their only European season to date, which saw them go to the third round of the UEFA Cup in 1993–94.

In Germany, he scored a volley against Bayern Munich to lead the Canaries to a historic victory of 2-1.

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