Tottenham ace Son makes grovelling apology to supporters

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It’s already been a long, hard season for many players, particularly those that have had to interrupt their domestic campaigns and turn out for their countries in mid-season tournaments.

The African Cup of Nations (AFCON) has always been a thorn in the side for clubs, and this winter they also had call ups for players to go to the Asian Cup to contend with.

Indeed, Tottenham Hotspur lost their talisman, Son Heung-min, for the best part of a month as his South Korea side made it all the way to the semi-finals of the tournament.

He came back from international duty with strapping on his hand and that was apparently due to an altercation he’d had with team-mate Kang-in Lee the evening before South Korea were beaten by Jordan in one of the shocks of the tournament.

It’s alleged, and cited by Metro, that the reason for the fight between the two players was as a result of youngsters in the team leaving a meal quicker than what might’ve been considered acceptable to go and play table tennis, something that clearly irked Son.

In the aftermath of the furore that’s erupted as a result of the confrontation, Son has taken to his official Instagram account to apologise for his part.

‘Today, I want to address a somewhat serious and difficult matter,’ he wrote.

‘Kang-in has sincerely reflected on his actions and offered heartfelt apologies to me and all the players of the national team.

‘I, too, have made many mistakes and shown undesirable behaviour when I was young, but each time, I had the sharp advice and teachings of good seniors, which I believe have led me to where I am today.

‘To ensure that Kang-in never repeats such misconduct, all of us players, as senior members and leaders of the national team, will be especially supportive to help Kang-in grow into a better person and player.

A woman walks past a television screen showing a news broadcast with a picture of Son Heung-min (L) and Lee Kang-in (R), at a railway station in Seoul on February 21, 2024. Son Heung-min apologised on February 21, for his role in a bust-up with South Korea team-mate Lee Kang-in at the Asian Cup and urged fans to forgive the Paris Saint-Germain player. (Photo by Jung Yeon-je / AFP)

‘I do not believe I handled the situation well and recognise that my actions deserved criticism. However, as a captain, I believe it is one of my duties to take such unpleasant actions for the sake of the team.

‘Even if faced with the same situation again, I will act in the best interest of the team. However, I will strive to lead my team-mates more smartly and more wisely in the future.

‘Since that incident, Kang-in has been going through a very difficult time. Please forgive him with a generous heart. As the captain of the national team, I earnestly ask for this.

‘Also, rumours circulating about division within the national team are irrelevant to the truth. We have always strived to see only one team and one goal. Despite receiving so much love through football I am sincerely sorry for causing such a disruptive issue.

‘Moving forward, we will work even harder to ensure that the South Korean national team grows stronger from this experience. Once again, I sincerely apologise as the captain of the South Korean national team.’

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