David Moyes’ unusual act after the final whistle noticed by Sky Sports

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After breaking his duck in 2024, West Ham manager, David Moyes, should have a spring in his step this morning.

Until the Hammers had deservedly beaten Brentford at the London Stadium on Monday night, the Scot hadn’t seen his side win a game in any competition this year.

To have gone into March and still have not earned three points for a Premier League win won’t have done anything for his candidacy to be the manager of the Irons for the next few seasons.

As it is, the display against Brentford offered a timely reminder that when he wants to, Moyes can get his side playing front-foot, intelligent and free-flowing football.

Whether that’s enough to stop the fans clamouring for his removal or indeed for the board to shelve any plans to look elsewhere for his replacement, won’t be clear for a while yet.

David Moyes of West Ham United

Given that it was believed there was a new contract ready for him to sign and he hasn’t yet done so would indicate that Moyes himself could be having second thoughts as to whether he feels the position is still right for him.

After all, it was less than 12 months ago that he was being lauded as West Ham’s best-ever manager thanks to bringing them their first major trophy in 43 years and getting them into Europe for a third successive season.

David Moyes didn’t clap fans or shake his players hands

According to Hammers News, Sky Sports had noted in their live commentary of the match on Monday night, that Moyes had unusually just headed straight down the tunnel at the final whistle, rather than shaking hands with the players and clapping those who had paid their hard-earned to watch their heroes.

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  1. Picking up on the sky report – I watched the Liverpool/Chelsea match on Sunday. Did anyone else notice the actions of “Klippety Klopp” either when he made his mid match subs, or at full time??? Didn’t just go and shake their hands. Full on Man Hugs, lengthy chats with all his players, even had the time to give them a brief appraisal of their efforts FOR HIM!!!!! He interacts with the supporters that pour loads of hard earned cash into his team’s piggy bank. So much respect ~ BOTH WAYS ~ it’s no wonder the team did well, even without so many regular first teasers. He has belief in his youngsters, brings them – early in the matches to give the young lads a sense of belief in him and pride in the club. All Dinosaur Dave does is continually berate our youngsters, saying to anybody and everybody that they’re not yet ready for premier league action etc. Quite how they ever will be is beyond my scope of understanding if they never get a kick in the matches…. Klopp’s teams play for HIM. It shows in how much they run around, chasing after long passes. Those dreadful stats don’t lie, do they??? I have to say, I’m not a Moyse fan (never really have been to be honest). Very appreciative of the fact that he as the team playing well – sometimes, but not regularly. That continual tactic of to me, to you to him to me back to you, to the goalie, long punt upfield, lost it, shit. Everybody back, quick!!! Sp much dilly dallying that the opposition are almost to a man camped out in in West Ham’s half of the pitch. We have centre forwards (strikers or what ever they’re called these days) tackling in their own penalty area. There’s just no outfall. We’ve had the strikers in our teams. Just that they never get a decent service, which is, let’s be honest, their bread and butter. It’s what they feed on!!! I started going to watch the reserve team play back in the mid 50’s, and graduated to first team matches in that wonderful season of 1958 when they won promotion to the first division (as it was back then), lots of thanks to Johnny Dick and Vic Keeble plus the others who chipping in the goals. I’ve seen some great teams, some crap teams, some exciting teams, but I have to say this current team are the most frustrating team I think I’ve ever had the pleasure of watching. I’ll never change my allegiance to another club. Never. I would just love, even if only for a season or two, to be able to think that our team’s away in Liverpool, Old Trafford, City. Arsenal, Spurs. Even Everton for gawd’s sake, and feel that they might. ~. just MIGHT ~ take all three points. But that’s a dream, isn’t it??? Brentford, on Monday night, our guys looked very special. Very special indeed at times. Then they started with the Tippett tappet Moyseball version of the game, and struggled. So, with fingers crossed, cos we’re at Everton next, I’m bogging off and dreaming of 3 points… COYI….

  2. Strange one that, we have all been waiting a long time for a performance like that. Mr Moyes.
    Perhaps he needed the loo

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