“Dirty, cheating, b*****d!” – Fans demand ‘long ban’ for Ben White for what he did against Brighton

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Brighton and Hove Albion fans are not happy with how Ben White behaved during Saturday afternoon’s Premier League game at the AMEX.

The two sides squared off against each other on England’s south coast in a match that would have huge implications in the race for the league title.

Despite the away fixture being a potential banana skin, the Gunners cruised their way past Roberto De Zerbi’s Seagulls with goals from Bukayo Saka, Kai Havertz and Leandro Trossard sealing a commanding 3-0 victory.

Leandro Trossard scored for Arsenal against Brighton.

However, in the eyes of some Brighton fans, the away team’s performance was marred by the actions of White.

What happened between Ben White and Pervis Estupinan?

Clashing with Pervis Estupinan while jogging back, Arsenal’s number four was spotted overreacting to the slightest of nudges from his Ecuadorian counterpart.

Clutching at his throat, White was seen writhing in agony on the floor, forcing a stop in the play, before eventually continuing like nothing was wrong.

The Englishman’s actions promoted some major backlash from fans on social media with some viewers even demanding the 26-year-old is banned for blatant cheating.

What have fans said about the Arsenal defender?

“Disgraceful,” Andrew Armer wrote on X, as quoted by GOAL. “If that’s not bringing the game into disrepute, I don’t know what is? Retrospective long ban and large fine should (but almost certainly won’t) follow.”

User ‘Thepaulmiffersmith’ posted: “Same old Arsenal… always cheating.”

Looking to win their first domestic title since the ‘Invincibles’ in 2004, Mikel Arteta is the first manager since Arsene Wenger to give fans genuine hope, so while Brighton fans aren’t happy, their London rivals will be over the moon.

And irrespective of White’s actions, the full-back will be considered a fierce competitor who will look to bend the rules in his team’s favour to ensure the side have the best possible chance of winning.

And with just seven games left to play, Arsenal, who sit top on 71 points, won’t care what rival fans have to say about their players if they go on to become 2023-24 title winners.

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  1. This is a situation where VAR should get involved and for clear instances like this a Yellow card should be the minimum. This is happening all too frequently.
    As they are trying to get an opponent a red, maybe they should see red, but certainly something needs to be done.

  2. Arteta has brought that European win at all costs mentality to the Gooners … he as a former ‘diver’ himself will always scream and shout when an opposition player does such a foul despicable act… but when one of his own players fakes something like shown today acts as though he didn’t see it or supports his player. The FA have to act on such cheating and if Brighton wish to ask for a review surely White should receive a retrospective ban for simulation.

    1. This is one of the many things wrong with football today. Most of the premiership teams do it to stop the run of play.

    2. The guy is a slug, His recent actions towards Connor Bradley in the game v Liverpool constant sniping & putting hands on also Spitting (not directly at ) but done in a way as too suggest intent and Connor being just a kid his actions like this can be seen in almost every game he plays. Not a nice roll model for the young.

  3. Sadly this is ruining football. No one team has a monopoly on this disgraceful cheating. All teams are guilty as pundits continue to describe cheats as clever players and complimenting them for being clever or buying a free kick. It must be stepped on across the whole of football. Referees, players, pundits and managers need to call this cheating out and red cards, suspensions should be issued. I would go a step further using VAR evidence so that clubs whose players are found guilty of this cheating should receive sanctions too. I would also suspend pundits from reporting, on games when they blatantly condone cheating. It should be a game with integrity not one that rewards acting and cheating.We need to support referees to take control and handle advantage or bringing the game back to deal with cheats and actors.

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