Forward admits he doesn’t want to play for Leeds next season

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After spending a loan period away from Leeds United, Brenden Aaronson has stated he would prefer to permanently join Union Berlin this summer.

The American international acknowledged that he didn’t have much to say regarding his future but expressed gratitude to his loan club and said he would consider staying in Germany.

But after what has been a fantastic year, he did admit that he has been following Leeds this season and advised them to keep going for promotion.

The 23-year-old may leave Leeds United in a permanent move

Aaronson revealed in an interview with Get Football News Germany:

“I can see myself remaining here. The club is amazing.

“It’s not up to me at the end of the day but I have so much respect for Union, the way it has been built, the staff, it’s an amazing family club and they’ve done an amazing job.

“For me, it’s making the right decision in the summer, evaluating the year and going from there. Staying is an option but I can’t say much more.


Leeds United attacker is willing to leave the club permanently in the summer.

“I’ve been paying close attention to Leeds, I know a lot of the guys, I get on with a lot of them, they are good guys. I’ve been paying attention because they’ve been having a fantastic season so it’s been great to watch.

“They just need to keep pushing because they’ve got good things coming their way at the end of the season.”

Aaronson may not be the only one to leave Leeds United

A number of Leeds loanees have become highly sought-after targets as summer approaches; Max Wober, Rasmus Kristensen, and Diego Llorente are just a few of the players who have been the subject of several transfer rumours thus far.

The £4.2 million buyout option in Llorente’s contract suggests that he would likely join Roma permanently at the end of the season, while reports from Italy suggested that Kristensen is more likely to stay at Elland Road.

Wober, on the other hand, is certain to make the transfer from Leeds to Borussia Monchengladbach permanently; however, problems have surfaced with his loan club because of their financial circumstances, and this one appears certain to continue long into the summer.

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  1. That’s uncanny. What a coincidence. We don’t want him to play for Leeds again either

  2. I can’t really believe he thinks he played for us last season, he was on the field yes, but to actually say he played for us is a hell of a stretch. He was as much a spectator as the 36,000 in the stands. If he does leave we should have a 50% off sale.

  3. Perhaps Brenden, you need to understand that there can’t possibly be a single Leeds United fan who wishes to see you in the city, and certainly nowhere near Elland Road.

  4. He should have stayed at Leeds, he has a long term contract, so his salary wouldn’t be effected, and our manager would have sorted him out, as he has done for everyone else, Willi Gronto been a classis case, sometimes, you just have to look at yourself, and say, “I will try harder”, “I will see this out”, but of course all the loanees now out at various clubs throughout Europe, said they didn’t want to play in the Championship, no coming back, from that, maybe they should have looked at themselves and said why are we here?

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