FA Cup replays completely scrapped as Premier League reach new agreement with Football Association

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The Premier League and the Football Association have reached an agreement to end all replays in the FA Cup from next season.

Replays have slowly been phased out of the competition, with none from the fifth round onwards this year, but from next term they’re going to be removed completely.

This will be a big change for the world’s oldest football tournament, with so many famous games from its history going to replays, which can often be a huge boost for lower league clubs if they get the chance to play one of the big Premier League sides.

Sadly, the football calendar is now so busy it probably makes sense to get rid of the extra games and just have them go to extra time and penalties instead.

Other changes to next season’s FA Cup will also see fifth round games played at weekends, unlike this season, while they’ll also not overlap with Premier League fixtures any more.

The Premier League has also agreed to give around £33m of extra funding for grassroots football from next season.