Surprise name emerges as Xavi’s successor at Barcelona

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At the time of writing, Xavi Hernandez is still intent on leaving Barcelona at the end of the 2023/24 season, and a surprise name has now emerged to replace him.

Despite having a two-goal advantage over Paris Saint-Germain in their Champions League tie earlier in the week, the sending off of Ronald Araujo changed the course of the match and the Catalans were dumped out of the premier European competition again.

Since they last won the trophy, when Xavi was Luis Enrique’s captain against Juventus in 2015, they have surrendered in the latter stages to the likes of Roma, Liverpool, Bayern Munich and PSG.

Rafa Marquez in line to replace Xavi at Barcelona

On each occasion they’ve either had a significant lead overturned or been humbled by the opposition.

Things aren’t really getting any better for the Catalan giants, and so Xavi’s intent presents them with another problem when they need it least.

Both Thomas Tuchel and Hansi Flick had emerged as early contenders to take over from Xavi should he follow through with his threat to walk out on the club of his life, though the club’s significant financial issues represent a huge barrier for either to take up the position.

Xavi could be replaced by former team-mate Rafa Marquez

Whilst their salaries wouldn’t necessarily be a problem, it would be their inability to make significant moves in the transfer market because of Financial Fair Play constraints that makes the role an oddly unattractive one.

It’s perhaps with that in mind that ESPN are now reporting that Barca B coach, Rafa Marquez, is being considered for a promotion.

The Mexican played alongside current sporting director, Deco, and Xavi, and even though the Portuguese dismissed Marquez’s candidacy earlier in the season, he might now be the best option that Barcelona have during this difficult period.

It’s believed that the club will try and persuade Xavi to stay in the first instance, but that’s looking less and less likely at this stage.

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  1. Actually Barcelona needs a tactical and aggressive coach who trains the players how to be strong, run faster, pass the ball quickly and physically fit. Xavi made all of the players very weak with stupid and foolish KOUNDES the biggest mess. He is stupid and foolish. How would a defender turn his back on a striker and take him to the 18-yard box?. Another stupid one is Torres, who misses 20 and gets one. Barca needs good and strong coach. I am very very angry with Xavi.

  2. It all comes down to poor decisions and very bad coaching by Xavi. I agree with Losine, not only you need to be good with your feet but also be smart and think ahead. What Araujo did was really stupid.

  3. I see that we need a very well experienced coach. To play in top Euro competitions it is a must.
    Xavi is too soft… his mentality isnt good enough for big teams as Barca…
    And i dont think he can build a team strong enough to fight.
    We have a bunch of stars but not a team…if we should find the right coach we could be unbeatable again.
    The fish always stinks from the head first…

  4. Xavi is an average coach, he doesn’t have all those tactical knowledge to win a match when cheap are down look atv how madrid coach dealt with city match yesterday, thats the kind of coach barca need not xavi that will be fighting with ref decision that cannot change anything and we all know it was a red card.

  5. I have been a Barcelona fan since the days of Johann Cryuff. Never have I seen a spineless team like this. Talented no doubt, but it needs to be built to be strong and accurate in not only passing the ball but also finishing. Right now, my Barca has become an average team! I blame the last President before Laporte, who mismanaged the club’s finances.

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