Premier League issues statement following Nottingham Forest’s social media attack on officials

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The Premier League has issued a statement, condemning Nottingham Forest’s statement on X, following their controversial defeat to Everton.

Forest were denied three blatant penalties against Everton, which triggered them into launching an attack on social media, questioning the integrity of the official in charge of the VAR.

They suggested that the VAR official was a Luton fan which was a factor of concern for them going into the game since a defeat helps the Hatters who are also fighting to avoid relegation.

Forest then issued another statement demanding the officials to release the VAR audio.

Their strong reaction to the referee decisions has received a backlash, with the likes of Gary Neville, Jamie Carragher, and Mike Dean all slamming the statements from Nottingham Forest.

Earlier today, it was confirmed that the FA are investigating the statements issued by the club.

Premier League responds to Nottingham Forest

And now the Premier League has also issued a statement of their own, expressing their disappointing over the comments from Nottingham Forest.

The statement read:

“The Premier League was extremely disappointed to read the comments made by Nottingham Forest on social media yesterday, following its match against Everton.”

“We note The FA has confirmed it will be investigating the club’s statement. It is never appropriate to improperly question the integrity of match officials, and the nature of these comments means the Premier League will also be investigating the matter in relation to the League’s Rules.”


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  1. No where near Three Penalties!
    As a Liverpool Supporter and consequently no friend of Everton, NONE of the three so-called Penalties were worth a free shot at the goal. The current trend of awarding penalties every time someone gets their toe touched is not in the spirit of the game. Two players going for the same ball does not constitute a foul! Kicking the ball into a players arm less than a metre away, is not a penalty.
    I have always liked Nottingham but was extremely disappointed in their reaction to this game, they were clearly out-played, out-thought, and out-enthused!
    I hope they don’t get relegated, but unless there is a change of attitude, they probably will!

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