YouTube prankster boarded Man United team bus in major security breech

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YouTube prankster Lizwani is reported to have somehow managed to board the Manchester United team bus after the club’s 4-0 defeat away to Crystal Palace earlier this week.

The Red Devils suffered a miserable night at Selhurst Park, and then things got worse after the game as Lizwani somehow got past security to enter the team bus, though he was fairly quickly removed by guards, according to the Daily Mail, even if the incident has been described as a serious security breech.

The report goes on to say that the Premier League have warned clubs to be on alert for similar attempted pranks in the future in case they happen to them, while Lizwani is someone with a bit of a history in this department.

According to the Mail, Lizwani has previously infiltrated major award ceremonies, having stood on stage with the cast of the movie Oppenheimer at the BAFTAs.

Lizwani with the cast of Oppenheimer

He’s also previously managed to make his way into the FIFA Ballon d’Or, the MOBO Awards and Brit Awards in 2022.

On this occasion, he’s described as having worn Man Utd gear to deceive security initially, though it seems it never materialised into anything more than that as he was swiftly spotted and removed.

Still, this is pretty farcical and there’ll be many United fans who are far from impressed with this being allowed to happen.

While he wouldn’t have been a danger to anyone, it would have been intriguing to see what would’ve happened if he’d made his way back to Manchester on the bus with Erik ten Hag and his players.

In future, who knows if someone with more malicious intentions could also get themselves smuggled away on a team bus? United fans will no doubt hope their club has learned from this and can prevent it happening again in the future.