Watch: Lionel Messi delights fans with surprise chat at Miami traffic signal

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A heartwarming video of Lionel Messi stopping his car at a traffic signal on the streets of Miami to chat with fans has taken the internet by storm.

Despite being hailed as one of the greatest footballers of all time, Messi continues to endear himself to fans with his humility and approachability.

The viral video captures the Argentine superstar casually conversing with fans about his appearance at a youth tournament.

In the video, Messi can be seen smiling and engaging in a friendly chat with the fans who were filming the encounter.

Messi apparently asked the fans about their sons’ level of play in youth football.

When the fans inform him that their sons play at the U14 level, Messi responds by mentioning that his own son, Thiago, plays for the U12s.

Watch the clip below:


This latest interaction adds to Messi’s reputation as a global icon who remains grounded despite his legendary status in the football world.



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