Leicester City could face record point deduction punishment

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Due to their Profit and Sustainability problems, Leicester City may lose up to 15 points in the next season.

The Foxes are in for a challenging summer after finishing at the top of the Championship and earning promotion.

The Foxes, led by Enzo Maresca, succeeded in winning the Championship title in a grand fashion, despite being relegated from the Premier League little over a year ago.

The Telegraph claims that the penalty can be worth six to fifteen points.

Though a 15-point punishment is improbable, SunSport has claimed that 10 points would still be a Premier League record.

It was clear the club would struggle to stay within the maximum amount permitted for clubs when they revealed losses of little less than £90 million earlier this year.

Leicester were charged in March of violating the Profit and Sustainability Rules of the Premier League for a three-year term that concluded in 2022–2023.

Leicester City manager Enzo Maresca could leave the club to join Chelsea.

Leicester will not be splurging the cash this summer, and it is still quite possible that they will need to raise money by the end of June in order to avoid breaking the regulations once again.

Last season, Everton and Nottingham Forest both received eight and four point deductions, respectively, for PSR violations.

Leicester City could lose their manage to Chelsea

In another blow to the Foxes, their manager Enzo Maresca, who guided them to Premier League promotion, is set to become the new manager of Chelsea.

Sky Sports have reported that Leicester City have given permission to Chelsea to speak to their manager.

Looking at how the talks are progressing, Maresca is going to become the new Chelsea manager soon.

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  1. When will Man City finally be punished as all these littler clubs going through it, shouldn’t be a selected few get it all sorted now then everyone knows what happens etc

    1. The scab 6 won’t get punished they only got a slap on the wrist for trying to get to a super league let them go i say

  2. What utter rubbish, neither Manchester City or Leicester have been found guilty of anything … yet. I thought that only following a trial where the defendant was found guilty was punishment contemplated. But should it transpire that the Foxes did ‘b*gger the Burser’ as Michael Caine would say, then the likely points penalty would likely be somewhere between the 4 points Everton received and 10 points for going bust and failing to pay Creditors. Still 15 point ‘clickbait’ gets the attention of the weak-minded.

  3. It’s about time the PL change there rules and we got somebody in that knows how football works, how can you take points from one team and not another. I don’t watch it any more I watch the national league it’s more fun

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