West Ham could make a move in 2025 that could see them earn £104m

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West Ham continue to grow as a club and the Hammers could make a move in 2025 that could propel that forward massively. 

The London outfit have won the UEFA Europa Conference League in recent years and have regularly competed in European competitions, however, they are yet to play in the Champions League, which will be the goal for the Irons.

They have seen Aston Villa achieve this and will want to put themselves in a position to secure a top-four finish in the coming seasons.

West Ham already have some top players but their squad overall falls short of the Premier League’s “Big Six” and Villa. To close the gap, the Hammers will need to make big changes and an opportunity may present itself in 2025.

The Premier League club’s current deal with betting company Betway, which is valued at £10million per year, is set to expire at the end of the 2024/25 season. With new regulations prohibiting gambling sponsorships from the 2025/26 season onwards, the London outfit are actively seeking a new front-of-shirt sponsorship deal.

Betway currently sponsor West Ham

West Ham could make £104m more with a new sponsor deal

Industry experts, The Sponsor via Claret and Hugh, believe West Ham could potentially double their current deal with Betway when seeking a new sponsor, fetching a staggering £26m annually.

Over a standard four-year contract, this translates to a potential £104m windfall for the club.

This figure is based on the Premier League’s Fair Market Value criteria, ensuring the deal is commercially sound and avoids inflated figures for financial fair play (FFP) purposes.

This would be huge for the Hammers as it would bring in more money for new stars but not only that, it would increase their ability to spend due to the extra revenue being brought into the club. This could all play a part in the Premier League club progressing forward so it is a deal they need to consider carefully.