Man United inform duo they’re not welcome to join pre-season training

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Manchester United are just days away from resuming pre-season training, and according to recent reports, would like to sell two players before the squad meet.

Last season saw Mason Greenwood, 22, and Jadon Sancho, 24, enjoy successful loan spells with Getafe and Borussia Dortmund, respectively, but despite both clubs wanting to retain the players, both have so far failed to meet Man United’s transfer demands. Consequently, the duo are set to return to Manchester in the coming days.

Mason Greenwood and Jadon Sancho not welcome at Man United

However, according to HITC, the 20-time league champions, led by new shareholder Sir Jim Ratcliffe, do not want either player in and around Erik Ten Hag’s training camp, and therefore, are hoping to find solutions within the next week.

Criminal charges were brought against Greenwood nearly two years ago, and although the 22-year-old was later cleared, he has not featured for the Red Devils since with Sancho also exiled following a public falling out with Ten Hag.

Manchester United are hoping to sell Mason Greenwood (left) and Jadon Sancho (right) before pre-season training on July 8th.

Valued at £85 million combined, United are hopeful the pair’s potential exits could raise significant funds ahead of the second half of the summer transfer window.

Finding possible buyers for the pair is proving difficult though. Although there is interest from multiple clubs in both Greenwood and Sancho, no club appear keen to meet United’s asking prices with the likes of Getafe and Borussia Dortmund preferring another loan agreement.

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  1. So it now seems TenHag managed to spin Radcliffe like a yo yo and which way he wants, both Sancho and Greenwood are much bigger than TenHag, let’s hope United’s season is a mess again for retaining a third tier coach

    1. You talk without brain. Is Racklif new i. Football business fo4 ETH to spin him. Man utd have a bad season according to you but how many clubs have a trophy

      1. you right, what’s the meaning of spin, when sancho nd greenwood is arrogant nd don’t know how to lay low as a professionals, so if the club don’t want them, we fans don’t need them, what’s important about sancho, greenwood is still okay

    2. No they’re not. This type of logic is the rreasonwhy we’re in this mess in the first place. Spoilt kids with no discipline

    3. Seriously?? What nonsense! Don’t embarrass yourself! Greenwood and Sancho bigger then ETH?? Which planet are you from?

    4. Basil, Ten Hag is the manager and his word is law, Greenwood and Sancho are players. Your attitude of what should be the pecking order at the club is exactly the problem with the game in general and the discipline at Manchester United. If Ten Hag wants them gone, then they have to go, it’s that simple.

    5. That is such an unfair thing to say. It makes sense both Mason Greenwood and Jadon Sancho are moved on. Incidentally, both are right wingers with Sancho able to operate on left too. But really, Manchester United going forward, don’t need them. Earlier in the year, during the winter transfer, Sancho looked like he could do a good job at Arsenal, but Arteta refusal to even consider it now is highly commendable. I think Greenwood should remain in the La Liga, and Manchester United should be reasonable with their asking price.

      In Sancho’s case, it’s a bit complicated because of how much they paid for him to move from Borussia Dortmund a couple of seasons ago. I’m sure they’d find a solution to it. But they’re sure to suffer a significant loss.

  2. What player in world football right now in Greenwood Quality Man united could get for 40m……. For Christ sake he has served enough punishment. We Live to make mistakes and learn from it. Please bring him back to the team.

      1. Give Greenwood a second chance as we all make mistakes and also he’d be an asset in terms of ability and could chip in with 10/15 goals which is more than Anthony

    1. Actually he has gone thru a rigorous justice process and there was no evidence to charge him. He has suffered enough already. Why keep punishing him when the police investigation cleared him? I think he is a more efficient striker than Rashford.

  3. I really don’t understand this team anymore we are struggling to buy players already and the management or what we call the owners of the team don’t want Greenwood for what reason seriously even Anthony was having the same case but he’s back in the team what’s wrong with Greenwood and his case is already closed and he’s a better player better than Rash,Anthony .give a boy a second chance please 🙏 😢

  4. Sancho has never performed for MU, Greenwood has been brilliant when he has played. Keep Greenwood, let Sancho go and ignore the arrogant remix.

  5. True, who is innocent in all ramifications, Greenwood had err as human, he should be forgiven for divine sake, and for Sancho, he deserved to be opted out…pride goes before a fall, he should learn from “world best” Pogba.

  6. There is a girl walking round now free who was found guilty of stabbing her boyfriend to death,I don’t think Greenwood is in that category,she is out of prison with a new Iden.I think Greenwood was well out of order but surely he should be given another chance to redeem himself.

  7. If GOD refuse to forgive us our shortcomings who can confidently beat his/her chest that they are good to go ? i personally thing greenwood should be allowed back into the team and sell sancho. The thing is if this f**lish united fans united against racism the way they did against greenwood racism would’ve be a thing of the past

  8. Their decision is for d club’s good. If as a management of a club d size of man UTD you treat these kinds of situation with blind eyes. Other players will think they are also going to be free to behave In that manner. The female fans are against greenwood coming back. And man UTD as a club, listen to their fans as well. That’s why they have a fans forum. Sancho called his coach who is like a father figure to him…. A liar. Will you smile at your son calling you a liar??. Even if you are actually a liar, your son shouldn’t call that. So, my personal point of view is, UTD are right to cut ties with them. They are bad examples to the others. Remember Pogba. He was tolerated and where is he today…. Gone for free. We don’t want a repeat of that please. True fans will always reason before raising negative issues about their darling clubs. Up u9td…

    1. @jarime Jerome. Of all comments I find your point more accurate. Personally as a united fan I like mason green style of play and I would like to see him back at the club. But the female team don’t want him back, some fans wants him and some don’t. The board has to make a decision and whatever they agree is final.
      As for Sancho he has not really impressed united fans so far. A player cannot be bigger than his coach or team so he has to go.
      Moving forward we need young talent who are willing and dedication to the club to play.
      Big ups to sir Jim. Big ups to the new board. Good luck to man united.

  9. I quiet agreed with many assertion here, we have a good striker in person of Greenwood yet we are busy chasing shadow in the name of discipline. Greenwood is better than many striker we are enquiring

  10. We want to sign zikzee and want to sell Greenwood. Manchester United need to forgone this guy issues cos they have withdrawn the case against him already.

    No players of his age we can get for the amount we want to sell him out now. We need Greenwood in our team cos we can’t believe on Anthony again.

    As for Sancho he need to apologize cos we need discipline and that’s what we lack and that’s what make Gadiola and Klopp with Arteta the best .

    That’s why sir Alex Ferguson is the best of all time.

    Sancho need to accept and apologize or he leave for good.

  11. Plz take back Greenwood as l honestly believe that he has repented. ManUtd will be better off with him around.
    Sir Ratcliffe, plz listen to us and give him a second chance.
    He who is without sin let me see your hand

  12. Greenwood need to be retain and be given second chance but Sancho we don’t want him, he is too arrogant.

  13. As a parent, when you’re child makes a mistake, do you chase him away from home or do you give him or her an appropriate punishment and correct them so they can become better citizens of tomorrow .As a club or society, it is your responsibility to watch over ,guide and correct young Greenwood and others who have fallen by the roadside, don’t step on them while they are down rather pick them up, dust them clean and help them, show him love ,so he can learn to behave and treat others better in the future, that’s you role Manchester United club, fans, give him a second chance and let’s see what does with it, there could be a great boy growing in to a man in Greenwood not just a kid blessed with an abundance of talent. Manchester United is his home and you’re his parents, punish him, correct him ,fix him but you can’t simply chase him away. Bring Greenwood back to Manchester United, he more than deserved to be heard and treated right by all of us. Soo many people have been far worse things including murder but have been given a chance to rewrite their story and have gone on to be an inspiration to the whole world #Greenwood11.

  14. If I were any young talent and United wants me, I won’t come to them.
    There is no guarantee they will train me up the way I should go and perhaps will not forgive any shortcomings of mine coz as a kid, mistakes are certain…
    But as they say, we learn from our mistakes.
    Mason has been well punished, he lives and fathers a baby with same accused…why still deny him a means to good fatherhood

  15. Greenwood performance cant be compared to Rashford or Anthony,retaining him can generate good chemistry with Mainoo,Hojlund,Ganacho rather than previous sloppy lineup

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