Ferguson asks clubs to at least act like they’re trying

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Sir Alex has once again asked the Premiership’s lesser teams to do the world’s biggest and bestestest club a favor by actually trying to beat runaway leaders Chelsea,

“Hopefully, the result will have an effect,” he said.

“Other clubs will take notice and say ‘let’s get at them’.

The Manchester United boss famously made a similar comment back in 1998 when trailing Newcastle United, prompting Kevin Keegan to throw a strop in front of the nation before his side tamely surrendered their lead and the title. But this time Sir Alex has even offered some tactical advice to the rest of the league to help them topple the Blues,

“We wanted to get the ball forward to Cristiano, Wayne and Ruud van Nistelrooy because we felt they could cause Chelsea problems and they all did really well.”

So, all you need is a 60 million pound investment in three of the world’s best players? Cheers for that, Fergie.