Boggs: Roberts and Jeffers???

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Boggs thinks Jeffers is crap.

Sure, Jason Roberts considering it a ‘dream move‘ and Francis Jeffers is saying there was no where else he wanted to go – but somehow we doubt Rovers supporters are quite so happy. [Ed: Apparently you are WRONG]

After the club put in some stunning performances against Chelsea, Arsenal and Manchester United and qualifying for the UEFA cup through the league – the mood around Ewood Park was positive with rumors that Mido was on his way to partner the impressive, rejuvenated Bellers up front to give the club one of the best frontlines in the Premiership.

But the ex-Tottenham striker never arrived, Craigsy buggered off to his boyhood club and now Roberts, a Charlton target, and Jeffers, who is crap, have been brought in to replace them. Excellent.

Sure someone bigger could be on the way but it’s unlikely they’ll be as good as a fit Bellamy. As it stands it’s a little disheartening to see a club with one of the brightest young managers in the league and that was making strides up the table suddenly take two giant steps backwards. At a time where most clubs and fans are looking for some indication that they can break into the ‘Big Four’ without the backing of dodgy oil barons, Blackburn were becoming an example to be followed.

If that’s all Rovers have to offer this transfer window, is it enough?

Or is Torres about to sign for you too?