Is Liverpool Boss’ Lack Of Respect For Opponents Costing Him Points?

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Rafa Benitez fielded a weakened Liverpool team against Portsmouth on the weekend. The Spaniard claimed that he took into account the early kick off time and the distances players traveled during international week, but could it be that these excuses were just masking a lack of respect for Portsmouth? After all why was Gerrard on the bench if it was to do with distance traveled? He’d spent the week playing in England.

It seems that Portsmouth boss ‘Arry Redknapp thinks Rafa may have simply taken Portsmouth too lightly by fielding a second team that couldn’t get the job done.

‘Arry said:

“We’re all different….(Rafa’s) a clever man and it’s his decision to do it how he wants to do it. Personally, I would field my best team. But that’s me. I’m not saying I’m right and he’s wrong but that’s me.I’d never feel confident enough to go and rest players. I think you take a big chance, but it’s worked for Rafa in the past.”

It’s a debate that’s gone on since Benitez arrived, and isn’t going away until he does, are Liverpool fans supportive of Rafa’s Rotation or is it time he gave his all in every match and rest players, well, when they need to be rested?