Tottenham To Play Unchanged Team For UEFA Cup? What’s The Point Of The Squad Then?

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The Spurs Wonderkid from isn’t quite sure what is going on at White Hart Lane.

Apparently Martin Jol isn’t planning on making any team changes for Tottenham’s UEFA cup match on Thursday because he needs the team to gel together for the league. In general its a reasonable statement on its own as our first team needs a bit of a confidence boost, but the other reasons given seem like a bit of madness.

Firstly, barring Gareth Bale and Younes Kaboul, these are exactly the same players at our disposal last season. Why the hell are they suddenly in need of time to gel?

Secondly, Jol says he needs to progress so must play his regulars. I thought the entire point of buying so many squad players like Teemu Tainio, Didier Zokora and not to mention the fabled striking quartet was so that we could chop and change and not miss a step. Why the hell do we have four strikers allegedly to rotate if we are not even going to rotate them against a team from Cyprus. Jermain Defoe, I am officially encouraging you to leave with my apologies for whatever lies you were told to make you stay. Taarabt needs first team experience before getting into the deep end in the Premier League? Why not against a team from Cyprus?

It’s more desperation from Jol. A confident manager would stick to his guns and not be afraid to continue doing what the team was built for, rotating and giving everyone a chance to shine when others dip in form. If a shocking run of 6 games is not enough of a reason to rotate some players then what is? Buying hundreds of average players was only excusable because it might allow us to keep switching out those who are out of form, without that we are left with a very expensive batch of useless subs.

If he had just said the lads need to get back on track then fair enough. But all this stuff about the team needing to gel or playing the “regulars” just flies in the face of what we’ve worked on in the transfer market the past couple seasons.

When will the pain end?