Boss Thinks Manchester United’s Wayne Rooney Isn’t World Class, Will He Ever Be?

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England Coach Steve McClaren thinks that Wayne Rooney isn’t World-Class yet, England’s coach croaked:

“From my point of view, Wayne Rooney has the potential to be a world-class player. He’s still got a long way to go and a lot to learn but he has the potential to do that and he’s a very important player for England. He knows the potential he’s got and what he has to do to realise that.”

So if Wayne Rooney, the jewel in England’s crown, isn’t World-Class then who is? Sven already said earlier this week that Micah Richards is the best defender that he ever worked with, is he world class?

Since England’s whoopee-cushion of an effort at the last World Cup Wayne Rooney has admitted that his performances when wearing the Three Lions haven’t been up to scratch. McClaren approves of such honesty (if only McClaren would admit how bad he has been at times)

The England boss said:

“I think the comments from Wayne were very honest and should be applauded. I’m all for players coming out with honest comments like that, and expressing disappointment in their performances.It’s refreshing and there should be more of that. He’s not making excuses. I would say that he’s been a little unfortunate with England. He’s missed squads because of injury and when he’s come in he’s just been getting back into form and fitness.But he should just continue what he’s doing. He’s still very inexperienced and very young.”

So a few seasons on from his record-shattering transfer, and the best memories we have of Rooney for club and country still seem to be from much earlier in his career. Is it a case of growing into his potential and dealing with increased attention from defenders, or is Wayne Rooney maybe not as good as some hoped he would be?