Should Cardiff’s Dave Jones Get More Time To Turn It Around?

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Getting sacked, it’s what all the cool kids are doing in the Championship these days. If you’re not hanging out on the managerial merry-go-round then you are no one. Peter Taylor, John Gregory, Martin Allen; managers that have all been thought to have quite a bit of talent at one point in their careers. After defeat at home to Wolves, the next man picking up his p45 and muttering about hat he achieved a few years ago could well be Dave ‘same name as David Bowie before he changed it’ Jones.

Leading 2-1 at half-time, Cardiff conduced to lose to a team managed by Mick ‘shove it up your bollix’ McCarthy. Jones was none too happy:

“The players have to stand up and be counted – the defenders have to defend far better and not get out-muscled in certain areas,”

…Jones told BBC Wales before realising this probably wasn’t going to happen and coming up with a much better idea to turn Cardiff’s form around:

“We’ve scored two goals at home and we haven’t won a football match. We go away and score two or three and don’t win. We’ve got to score four goals to win a football match these days.”

Someone’s been spending too much time with Kevin Keegan. But should Cardiff give him more time to spend with his friends and dispense with his services?