Liverpool Manager Rather Pissed Off With Life

Liverpool Boss Rafa Benitez is pretty peeved with his American paymasters and is demanding cash to make Mascherano’s tranfer permanent as well as to fund other aquisitions, reports everyone from the Daily Mail to the Times today.
The Times’ Oliver Kay read between the lines of yesterday’s press conference with the Spaniard and reports that:

“Benítez barely concealed his unhappiness at his weekly press conference yesterday, when, in response to questions about his position and his plans for the future, he said no fewer than 25 times that he was ‘focusing on coaching and training my team’. That phrase appeared harmless, but further investigation revealed that it was one impressed on him, to his dissatisfaction, by George Gillett Jr and Tom Hicks in response to his latest demands for support in the transfer market. His repeated use of the phrase has been interpreted within Anfield as a deliberate and dangerous swipe at the two American tycoons.”

Rafa even flirted outrageously with the England job, not a real possibility but rather a demonstration to his American bosses that he could look elsewhere. With all this angst whose side are you on, Rafa’s or paymasters Hicks and Gillet?