Who Can Possibly Save Derby County?

Derby are terrible. Really, really terrible. But who is to blame? The players, who couldn’t defend with as much organisation and ability as, well, Sunderland? The board, who refuse to throw money at the situation after loosening the purse strings to spend £3.5m on Robert Earnshaw? Or Billy Davies, the hapless manager who got Derby into the Premier against all odds and is now paying the price? According to the board it is option three, Davies, though not for much longer. This morning they sacked the poor guy. And this was the explanation of chairman Adam Pearson:

“I have met with Billy Davies this morning and we have decided mutually in the best interests of both parties that to go our separate ways is the correct decision at this time. Billy Davies leaves Derby County with our best wishes and our genuine gratitude in achieving a magnificent promotion to the Premier League, where everyone connected with the club wanted to be.

So what’s your bloody problem with the guy? That he got a rubbish team promoted and now they can’t compete? The problem, as Rafa the Gaffer might soon find, was that it just doesn’t work out if the board and the manager don’t get on. And according to Sky Sports news today, they hadn’t spoken in weeks. Until today. To discuss a pay-off.

So, who next for Derby? Didn’t that assistant manager they used to employ just enter the job market? Steve something? Steve Mc… no, surely not.