Newcastle’s Michael Owen Is Past It According to Manchester City Boss.

The Daily Mail reckons that former England boss Sven Goran Eriksson is set strike little Mickey Owen and his gammy groin from his January wish-list, which will leave poor Mickey at Newcastle, twiddling his thumbs and nursing his groin, waiting for England’s next match.
It turns out that Sven and Thaksin have decided to have an age profile for any new signings, and at 27 Mickey Owen is too old. The Man City Svengalis reckon that they need to ape Arsenal’s get ’em nice and young philosophy and ship in some young talent. The Mail reports that Arsene wont sign anyone over 26 after Davor Suker’s tepid displays for the Gunners, and now Sven is copying this and won’t consider “anyone older than Inter Milan’s Adriano (25) or Peter Crouch (26)”
Sven said:

“I agree with the way Arsene has done it at Arsenal. It’s my philosophy too.It is the right way for City. We’re building for the future.”

So will Owen have to make do with staying at Newcastle, seeing as he is now deemed ‘too old’?