Get Kitted Out: How to Save Money on Sportswear

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As the current football season draws to a close, it appears that many clubs have already started to unveil brand new kits for 2013/14.

Although buying the latest shirt might be a great way of showing your unwavering support, it’s also likely to throw your dedication to saving money well and truly off balance. Because whether you’re a diehard fan or a parent on the end of some very convincing plea tactics, getting the newest shirts, shorts and boots can be incredibly expensive. Throw in big brand sponsorship and a snazzy advertising campaign, and a simple bit of kit could end up costing a small fortune.

However, there are ways you can show your support without paying sky high prices. Here are our top tips for saving money on sportswear, without compromising your commitment or your budget…

Go retro

If you’re loathed to splash out on expensive club kits by modern brands like Nike and Adidas, a fantastic (and much more stylish) alternative is to go for a vintage look instead. With a lot of kit from the seventies and eighties now appearing nostalgic instead of just dated, it’d be an effective way to stand out from the crowd. There are lots of websites which now sell retro and vintage replica shirts online, meaning you won’t have to trawl the high street either!

Search for discounts online

Like any kind of online shopping, it’s highly advisable to search for dedicated discounts on football shirts and sporting apparel too; with big retailers like JD Sports putting on end-of-season sales, you could save up to 60% on footwear, t-shirts as well as big name club kits if you order online. For parents who always need to update outgrown this or ruined that, waiting around for the sales could end up being well worth your while!

Look on eBay

If you are determined to buy a modern version – or if you’re searching for other kit like footballs, nets or goalie gloves – online trading sites like eBay or Amazon Marketplace are fantastic places for picking up bargains on sportswear. Before you dismiss the second-hand option, remember that a lot of people are actually using trading websites in a professional capacity these days, which means you could still get your hands on a brand new and packaged item but simply for a lot less than you’d pay on the high street.

Buy replica or cheaper variations

It’s always going to be tempting to splash out on the most authentic product, but if you can’t afford a premium shirt, there’s nothing wrong with going down the replica route and buying a much cheaper version. Although there is bound to be a step-down in quality, the massive step-down in price will surely take the edge off any qualms you have – you can get reduced replica shirts from as low as £15 at Kitbag right now! Alternatively, think about buying more basic style t-shirts or subtly branded football clothing. That way, you’re still supporting your club and spending less – and even better, as it’s more understated, you can wear it more often!

Whatever your team colours, don’t let a large price tag put you off displaying them proudly. Just by demonstrating a little shopping savvy, you could get your hands on some fantastic sportswear in time for next season.

This is a guest post from Oyster Sports