Leaked document suggests Serie A could follow Bundesliga in debarring fans from stadiums until 2021

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The Italian Serie A could follow the Bundesliga in debarring fans from stadiums until 2021 according to a leaked government document, as reported in the Daily Mail.

Italy has been hit hard by the coronavirus and the Serie A was quick to suspend league football earlier last month, becoming one of the first few leagues to suspend football in Europe.

The Bundesliga has already decided to debar fans from stadiums until January 2021 and according to the report in the Daily Mail, the Italian Serie A could follow in the German league’s footsteps by also banning fans until next year.

The German Bundesliga is supposedly going to be the first league to return to football in Europe with the Italian Serie A also aiming for a comeback in June.

The lockdown in Italy is supposed to be eased by May 4th according to several reports and Italian clubs are calling players back for training as the Serie A is reportedly preparing to restart on May 31st, as per the Daily Mail report.

However, it looks likely that fans will be prohibited from entering stadiums with the games set to be held behind closed doors only.