Video: Gary Neville urges the Glazers to follow Woodward in leaving Man United after ESL failure

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Gary Neville has been one of the main voices on Sky Sports who’s spoken out against the formation of the ESL, so it was clear tonight that he was delighted to hear that it was starting to crumble before it could get off the ground.

Ed Woodward has already designed in disgrace for his role in the whole affair, but Neville went on tonight to state that the Glazers also have no place at the club anymore, and he wants to see action taken to ensure that they leave and that they can’t just be replaced with something similar either:

That could be easier said than done and certain owners will need to feel particularly unwelcome if they are going to be forced out, but it’s probably necessary if we want to see the game thrive rather than being taken over by money-grabbers who just see it as a business.