A List Of Weird Requests Made By National Teams Preparing for the 2014 World Cup Finals

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Find out what national team’s are demanding in Brazil.

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With the World Cup fast approaching, several national teams are beginning to make their final preparations for the tournament by making sure their players are as comfortable as possible.

However, Brazilian news source Lance managed to get their hands on a list of everything the FA’s of certain nations are demanding be available to their stars.

And while there was no mention of England’s requirements, but below are some of the choicest selections that the Brazilians were able to find.

Algeria: All rooms for players and team officials must have a Koran. Islam is the official religion of the African country.

Chile: Chile have asked for the purchase of new beds and flat screen TVs for every room.

Ecuador: Every room should contain a basket of bananas that are sourced from Ecuador.

Colombia: Colombia have asked Sao Paulo for 15 youth players to take part in their training sessions.

Uruguay: The Sky Blues have demanded silent air conditioning in all rooms.

France: Les Bleus have requested Kosher meat as many of their players are Muslim. France have also asked for liquid soap in all bathrooms, as the players do not like blocks of soap.

Honduras: Have asked for six Spanish TV stations to be added to their TV guides, including two Honduran channels.

Japan: The Blue Samurai want a Jacuzzi in every room!

Australia: The Socceroos have asked for a selection of newspapers from around the world to be available on a daily basis.

Switzerland: The Swiss want high speed internet and Swiss TV channels in every room.

Portugal: Will have six security staff. Four of whom will be looking after Cristiano Ronaldo.

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