FIFA President Sepp Blatter Blasts Archaic Rules And Calls For Radical Changes

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Blatter claims a review of the away goals rule is needed, with the outdated laws no longer having the effect they were originally intended.

FIFA president Sepp Blatter has called for a change in the away goals rule, claiming they are outdated and archaic and conceived in a time when playing away from home was often far more of a challenge.

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The rules now favour the visitors in the second-leg according to Blatter, with away goals counting as ‘double’ if the tie is drawn.

He argues that with playing conditions now more even across the numerous countries involved, the home advantage is not as clearly evident as it used to be.

“Where the scores are tied, that team has 30 minutes more than their opponent to score a valuable away goal. After all, in the first leg there is no extra time,” Blatter was quoted by the Daily Mail.

“Football has progressed since the 1960s, so the away goals rule may now be questioned.”

A number of national federations including CONCACAF and MLS have already changed the rules, eliminating the away goals rule after 90 minutes during the second-leg.

In English football things have also changed, with the promotion play-offs completely removing the away goals rule.

In the Champions League and Europa League however the rule is still in effect, and although often controversial the FIFA president may have a valid point on this occasion.

Although it will not have any ramifications on Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, or Manchester City in this year’s Champions League, it could certainly have huge consequences in the future.

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