“Why is this guy on TV?” These fans react to more inane drivel from Jermaine Jenas during England vs Ukraine coverage

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Presumably being a commentator is much harder than it looks, because there’s an alarming amount of them on both the BBC and ITV who sound like they’re being held against their will and forced to do the worst job of all time.

There’s obviously so much more to it than simply turning up and trying to say some names, as the majority of viewers want to learn something and gain some analysis on what’s going on and why certain things are happening on the pitch.

That’s sadly been lacking for the majority of Euro 2020, and there are fewer depressing sentences than hearing “and your co-commentator is Jermaine Jenas”

He offers no insight, he’s incapable of any kind of rational or unbiased opinions and he blatantly doesn’t pay much attention to his own team either.

He spoke on the BBC commentary tonight about how Jadon Sancho and Kyle Walker would have such a brilliant understanding on that right-wing because of their time together at Man City, but the good people of Twitter have pointed out a very obvious flaw in that thinking:



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