Real Madrid star demands respect for VAR after getting favourable decisions at international level too

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It’s fair to say that attacking sides will get more penalties because there tend to be a lot of situations where the players get into the box, but Real Madrid’s run of luck was amazing to see last season.

Barcelona had their fair share of generous decisions too, but whenever Real started to struggle you could almost guarantee that VAR would step in to give them a little something when they needed it.

Obviously this is on an entirely unrelated note, but Real Madrid star Casemiro has recently been speaking to the media to demand that everyone shows VAR a bit more respect.

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It makes sense because nobody wants to see one of their most effective teammates taking any stick, and the Brazilian midfielder felt the need to stick up for the system after Brazil received some favourable decisions against Peru.

His comments to Movistar were picked up by Somosinvictos, and it’s clear he’s on the side of the referees:

I think we have to have a little respect. Sometimes the referee can be wrong. The referee can do what he can do, but he always wants to do his best. I think we have to have a little respect. So, we also need to talk about this. The VAR is there to help, the referee is here to do his best and you have to have a little respect.”

The report does confirm that the ref made some mystifying decisions in that game and you do have to wonder if Casemiro would be so vociferous in his defence of VAR if these decisions start to go against him.

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