“When will Zidane ever learn?” – These Real Madrid fans point out multiple flaws in Zidane after draw with Elche

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Real Madrid had bounced back from a poor start to put themselves right back into title contention with five straight wins, but tonight’s draw with Elche puts Atletico in firm control at the top of the table.

The gap is only two points but Atleti also have two games in hand, so they could run away with the league if they can put a solid run of wins together.

The biggest problem with Zidane’s team just now is his complete reliance on the ageing players who are still playing at a high level, but the intensive schedule will catch up with them and they always look capable of dropping points.

The reality is that they need to be beating teams like Elche if they want to go on and win the title, so it won’t surprise anyone to see some furious fans at the final whistle tonight with Zidane’s team selection and choice of subs a common complaint:

The team does need several fresh faces and investment in the summer but Zidane has never been great at developing younger players – he relies on the same players to drag him through so it does make you wonder if he could leave in the summer as the club look to overhaul the entire playing and coaching staff.


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  1. Zidane is choosing some badly decision on selecting the right players, there is a so-called players in the squad but, loves them.
    And hates good players who are capable to do so in the field.

  2. Real Madrid will not win a single game while Mercelo is in the pitch. Shameful, Zidane don’t even no when to make sub. Is better Jovic and Mario leave because the coach is wasting your talent.

  3. Zizouu is to be blamed for putting Marcelo on the pitch,he strains Ramos,he have given Marcelo every chance to redeem himself and have failed,his subs were too late and the team is still playing to slow to be a serious contender in championsleague

    1. Marcelo did not lose that win. The whole team was not as good in the 2nd half and that penalty and low scoring lost the win.

  4. am really tired of zidane. in the sense that he keeps on depending on all these old players whereas you have rising stars in your squad. i expect him to bring in jovic and ordegaard in time but he decide to make late sub.

  5. Shout up when Madrid win Zidane is a good when they lose he is bad,Let Atletical win the league 6 season of waiting & believing in Simone with all his failed attempts, Madrid fans idiots

  6. Every player is important on the team, Have we forgotten what Marcelo did sometimes? The whole thing was the midfielders were somehow reluctant in the game. The team is not bad but there is a need for someone to assist Benzema. Zidane was to bring down Tony and Vasquez because they were not in the game, but the substitution was late and Elche was already defending their goal. It’s Isaac Peters from Monrovia, Liberia.

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