David Ginola: Newcastle should look to the future

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Since Kevin Keegan took over as the manager of Newcastle United, things have looked to be on the up. But to be frank, much has been drummed about the arrival of an old favorite to alter things and recapture the glory days of the past. Yet evolution in football is always a painstaking and slow process and Newcastle legend David Ginola knows that.

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quotes the former Newcastle player telling the Daily Express that although the Geordies should cling onto optimism, they must no demand instant success. Ginola says:

You can’t expect Kevin Keegan to bring back success in two weeks. I mean, Newcastle have some tough games coming up, Middlesbrough, Manchester United, and they are all fighting for something. So you have to make sure to stay in place for next season, and start again. He is on his own as a manager, playing with the players he has got. He has to keep the club in the Premier League first, and start next season with a new base.

Sound advise from a great player. And there would be few who would like to disagree with him

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