Man United ace escapes with a fine after complications with speeding offence

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There’s nothing new about footballers being up in court for driving offences, but there was something a bit more bizarre about a recent case involving Man United defender Brandon Williams.

It seems that he was the registered driver of a car which was caught speeding, but the request from the police for information about who was driving wasn’t completed and it led to Williams getting a fine:

It sounds like more of an admin issue rather than anything major for the player as his father responded and admitted to driving the car, but Williams was the registered driver and the police wanted to hear from him.

His lawyer successfully argued that Williams had bigger things to focus on due to his career and that his father dealt with the post, while Williams also had nothing to actually gain and they thought his father giving the information was sufficient.

It also sounds like the defender hasn’t actually driven the car and it was bought as a present for his Dad, so it does seem like a big fuss about something relatively minor.

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