Darren England refereed in UAE just before major Tottenham-Liverpool blunder

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Darren England reportedly refereed in the UAE just 48 hours before being on VAR duty and making a huge error in Liverpool’s defeat away to Tottenham yesterday.

The Reds were left fuming after a bizarre incident which saw Luis Diaz’s goal chalked off despite the Colombian forward being clearly onside, with PGMOL later apologising for the incident and explaining that it was a ‘human error’.

Tottenham went on to win the game 2-1, but more questions are surely going to be asked about VAR, and about the fact that England in particular may not have been fully up to taking charge of the technology for this match.

According to the Times, it has emerged that both England and Dan Cook were in the UAE officiating a game just 48 hours before this big match in the Premier League.

It seems possible that this workload and lots of travelling may have contributed to this important mistake, so it’s surely an incident that needs addressing quickly so that it doesn’t happen again.

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  1. Excuses I have to be switched every day off week no matter what a my job but he can’t watch a tv screen n come up with right decision 48 hours later sort ur life out fool I’m a spurs fan but never offside n never a sending off n spurs not having a no9 is slowly start to show it’s self n will get harder n harder each week Johnson wasn’t the signing we needed

  2. Why we on about this still any other team would accept it as human error. Liverpool think they are special and will be on about this for years.
    Is FA replay the match or make it a draw this opens a can of worms for all other clubs to complain and get a replay.

    1. You are 100% spot on David, This is where Liverpool get the nickname the ” victims” like they have never benefitted from any dodgy VAR and refereeing decisions. Two examples, the Champions League final v Spurs! very dubious handball in 1st minute completely ruined the game it wasn’t handball the ball rolled up to his shoulder no arm out, and of course, lukaku’s offside goal in extra time in the Carabo Cup final which would of sealed the cup for Chelsea again VAR fault, Yes Chelsea and Spurs rightly complained, then we just got on with it, this is 2 pieces of silverware won unfairly by Liverpool yet you dont hear them talk about these games, yet when the boot is on the other foot omg they never stop whinging and crying, Klop is the worse perpetrator he leads by his very bad examples and the rest follow like a herd of tazared sheep

      1. Everyone complains about VAR, and referees but do nothing about it, and when one club stands up to be counted they’re criticised! Typical English apathy, you deserve everything you get!

      2. I’ll think you’ll find no one at LFC including Klopp asked for no more than that an investigation take place. People like you just wishing that they’d said it doesn’t make it true, just spreads false rumours! Everyone needs to applaud Liverpool for trying to sort the problem out instead of the usual apathy!

      3. Why you all trying to make out its just Liverpool fans etc complaining? From what I see there are tons of independents who are sick to the back teeth of all the issues. This is just the straw that broke the Camels back. ‘Getting on with it’ obviously isn’t fixing the problem is it? So why would you rinse and repeat and not stop and say at some point … OK enough is enough. VAR was supposed to improve decisions not put another opportunity for error. Just so happens it culminated in this absolute howler, but you see it as an opportunity to vent your prejudices and denigrate others. Very constructive! I guess every week when one team or another again is spotlighted for an appalling officiating error they are all (What was it) Victims too?

        1. Well said I’m a wolves fan and we’ve seen some howlers this season already costing us 4 points but we all need to stick together to rid football of this obvious corruption I’m firmly of the opinion a betting syndicate is involved

      4. Pis” absolutely no need for human error. For gods sake just look at the screen draw a line there’s the answer.

      5. You’d be moaning like f##k if Spurs was on the end of those decisions. Lad trips himself up and Jota gets a yellow card….laughable!

      6. Are you both idiots??
        All Liverpool have done is highlight the disgraceful way in which VAR operates. These incorrect decisions can effect any club therefore changes benefit all.

      7. For all you anti Lpool muppets out there, this is a football issue. VAR was supposed to alleviate this stuff happening. Human error was supposed to be removed when VAR was introduced otherwise what’s the point of having it? Get your anti Lpool head out of your arse and see the bigger picture

      8. You need to sort out your idea of nicknames mate, and put it in the right context. RIP 97

      9. Be careful throwing the word victim about – you know what you’re doing!
        Any other team would have rolled over , weak ineffective teams and managers. This should lead to changes that will assist all teams – you should be pleased somebody else is doing what your team wouldn’t.

      10. Let’s just get the replay done ASAP and put this error to bed once and for all. Liverpool should be given home advantage and a goal start to square things up a bit to be fair to poor Liverpool.

    2. There’s your problem not addressing the situation let’s them get away with it it was gross incompetence and needs sorting instead of accepting incompetence join with Liverpool (yes we are special and if you don’t think your team is go watch bowls) and sort this mess out.

    3. So if the protocols and policies are changed for the benefit of all teams, will you’re team opt out ?
      No I didn’t think so.
      We don’t take wrongdoing lying down.

    4. Arsenal and Sheffield United had to replay an FA cup final because of a discrepancy,Man United came back on the pitch after the final whistle to score a penalty , there was no Domino effect so what you on about

    5. It’s not Liverpool writing all the press articles and causing radio to discuss, they made a complaint, like most clubs would and that’s it. They’re not in control of the media. Did they write this article?

    6. For muppets like you this isn’t about Lpool anymore this is a football and VAR issue. Get your bias head out your arse and look at the bigger picture

    7. Wer on about it because it wasnt a matter of opinion , was it handball, was it not, was it a sending off tackle. was it not , their all matters of opinion, we are talking about a FACT, was he offside or was he not, he wasnt , the FACTS prove it , so the officials IGNORED FACT and denied a probably crucial goal, thats why we are still ON ABOUT IT

  3. It must be done properly. What us the use having var, if we cannot rely on it. It wasn’t just var it was the referee who made blatant errors on the game

  4. As far as I can see Liverpool has not mentioned a replay, In fact, I think Mr Klopp was very good with his after-match comments and didn’t blame anyone.
    Liverpool then issued a statement on Sunday night asking for clarification on what went wrong and any plans to prevent it happening again.
    This I believe was for the benefit of the League as a whole and not just LFC.
    So overall I think LFC have been good in their response unlike a lot of media-hungry people who have climbed out of the shadows to jump on a bandwagon including ex-players from a lot of clubs.

  5. I’m a spurs fan the goal was a perfectly executed piece of football,jota first booking a joke second booking deserved ,ref and var completely wrong but the way everyone keeps harping on about it will change nothing ,every team in the premiership has just cause to complain about decisions going against them but they lodge their complaints and get on with training for the next game ,so to all you still moaning about bad decisions get a grip and move on.

  6. It was shambles the match spurs and Liverpool match I am pool fan Liverpool do not want a replay or shared points all they wanted was clarification off the tape to see what went wrong and for this not to happen in other games in the league for all the teams

  7. The only reason this topic is still being discussed is for 2 reasons, 1st the magnitude of the mistake and 2nd the delay in releasing the video / audio clip, If the PGMOL had been transparent from the off and released the video on Sat / Sun this whole episode would have been dealt with but it didnt, if LFC supporters sense an injustice they speak up and until its recognised they continue speaking up, 30 years if needs be if thats what it takes to get the truth… if you cannot respect that, well that speaks volumes about you I’m afraid.

  8. What about last season game when Wolves were not allowed a goal at Liverpool that would have won the game because the cameras could not see the Wolves who was onside on the left wing. Also if Liverpool got a reply Wolves should have two replays at Manchester United and Luton. You win some you lose some. But VAR should be done by ex professional and not Referees who do not want to over rule there friends.

  9. Lets do it again if liverpool start with 9 men we only started with 10 Richalison don’t count

    I saw a few signals that were significant:
    Signal 1: VAR shows STILL frame of Jones tackle at worst case for a red card.
    Signal 2: Linesman sees Diaz onside, but flags for offside. (Why does he flag? VAR would check the goal anyway).
    Signal 3: VAR calls, “Check complete, check complete.” (twice) at the earliest opportunity to signal to the ref to continue the game. Then he says, “That’s fine, perfect. Off.”
    Signal 4: VAR delays and delays before saying, “Can’t do anything.”
    Signal 5: Spurs player signals for Jota to be booked. Ref agrees then minutes later sends Jota off. Also ref does not send off Spurs player for second yellow.
    Decide for yourselves what these signals meant.

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