Officials removed from match duties after major Liverpool error as fallout of Luis Diaz mistake begins

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VAR officials Darren England and Dan Cook have been removed from the rest of their duties for this weekend’s fixtures after their major error in Liverpool’s match with Tottenham yesterday.

The duo told referee Simon Hooper during Saturday’s fixture that Luis Diaz’s goal in the first half should not have stood because it was offside, however, there was a communication error as they told the man in the middle “check complete” believing the onfield decision was that the goal was onside.

The Professional Game Match Officials Limited (PGMOL) released a statement after the match stating that there was “significant human error” in the decision but that does not help Jurgen Klopp’s team now.

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Following the error, Darren England has been removed as the 4th official for Nottingham Forest v Brentford today, whilst Dan Cook has been removed as assistant referee for Fulham vs. Chelsea on Monday, reports Dale Johnson.

The duo will very likely not have duties for next weekend’s fixtures as well after the attention this error has got as there will need to be a serious debrief following the Tottenham and Liverpool game.

Many fans have lost a lot of faith in VAR due to decisions made this year in the Premier League and the Luis Diaz mistake will only make this worse as the decision that needed to be made was very obvious.

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  1. VAR is beyond being funny. It’s making a mockery of the premier league. Seem like the ref are deciding who wins the game and by what score. So it’s not worth watching anymore. Get rid of it. It proven it don’t work, Just F up upon F up all the time.

    1. You’ve got that right we have the worst officials ever the 2 red cards was a joke the young lad got the ball first and Jota the spurs player tripped himself up disgusting that ref should be sacked

        1. If we sack all the crap ref’s there will be no games played because we won’t have any ref’s left.

        2. My thoughts exactly, Biased against Liverpool, I have thought English football should be refereed by Foreign referees to take away Bias that prem league referees have.

      1. Shouldn’t the Spurs player be banned for conning the ref by not informing him that Jota did nothing, a bit like diving should be punished

          1. Robbie Fowler once stopped a penalty awarded to LFC at Anfield by telling the ref it was not a penalty on him and he tripped over his own feet.
            So yes it does happen but very rare as there are not a lot of honest people in the game these days.

        1. Some of the comments are beyond a joke. What about the penalty Liverpool were given in the champions league never a penalty but also what about the Jota’s incident with Skipp when he went up with the boot to his head and skipp ended up with a load of stitches so I consider it pay back time. COYS

    2. I agree VAR should be scrapped and return to what we had before and just keep goal-line tech, which seems to work very well. Refs and Line officials will make mistakes always have done always will, but if you are also getting mistakes by a system brought in to eliminate mistakes then wtf? lets return to just having the ref, is he makes a mistake so be it, i believe these things even out over the season so lets take the rough with the smooth, instead of the rough and very rough, chhuck var into the bin

        1. Stop crying and blaming rival teams we are talking football here not your personal pet hates Salah is brilliant Sunderland supporter

        2. Out of all players in the Prem you pick Salah for diving ha ha. You are obviously not a lfc supporter and tbh there are loads of divers that dive a lot more than mo does so do your research before you throw random names or chosen names because you dont like the team he plays for. Out of curiosity who do you support?

      1. It’s not VAR, refs still have final call on decisions an they have video evidence, and still make the wrong call on both sending offs, it’s unreal bad decisions, human error all the way!

      1. They should have been banned for the rest of the season Y. N.W.A Allez Allez Allez Y.N.W.A 🇲🇺 👏 👏 👏 💯

      2. It’s not VAR that’s faulty it’s the individuals using it plus it should only be used for offsides & handball decisions not for slow motion or still frames as we know 9 out of 10 it gives a false impression

        1. Yes Curtis Jones red card was not obvious until VAR showed the ref a still of his foot resting against the players leg which looks 1,000,000 times worse than the tackle actually was

    3. It’s not VAR it’s the operators if they don’t see what a vast of supports see then Sack the operators and stop there pension

      1. Correct, ultimately it’s the people who operate the system who are the corrupt ones, not the system itself.

    4. It’s not VAR. It’s the officials who inact it falsely and that’s where the blame needs to be directed.

  2. We are taught from an early age to respect the referees/umpires etc decision even if borne about by human error! VAR was supposed to sort out the obvious errors but is creating more of its own. Scrap slow motion and leave it to on field with sensible laws of the game.

    1. You have to earn respect I do not respect any of the prem ire officials and the only ref I respected was Colini.

  3. Employing incompetent staff to man their official duties created detrimental decisions and had a myraid of football fans terribly upset,all around the world. The only solution is to delete the played match (THotspur vs Liverpool) and arrange for a replay to be fair to both the teams. And also to rescind the awarded red cards to both the Liverpool players. This will keep you and PGMOL healthy and proffessional on how things are done. An apology with regards to the circumstances will be unacceptable and definitely not go down well in the rich history of EPL and their immediate fans….

    Concerned EPL fan

  4. Sensible you’re joking that ref booked Jota for the first foul when he didn’t touch the player he tripped himself up.

  5. After all the sanctions are given to the concerned officials, what will the agrieved team yield at the end of the day? Such officials need nothing but lifetime ban because they are ruining the beautiful game of football

  6. Totally diabolical as we can all agree, VAR if used properly CAN work, it works in Rugby union, the officials have to have time and have to be totally non biased, can we ever prove this???? NO we can’t, we trust these officials to judge the game properly, human error my a..e, they are in charge and should be paying attention at all times…..

  7. Darren england and var refs failed to recognise a luiz diaz’s first goal on sat:30:2023,and you ruled a goal was offside,bt what you did was incorrect,and it was shows that you were corrupted and we do not know why you do that??? Bt you spoil the game, when #spurs vs #lfc and was a #liverpoolfc win yesterday, you were tried to hurt liverpool, bt liver will never give up,liverpool will bounce,

    1. it doesn’t and they never have . It seems that the PGMOL think that a quick apology ,a small suspension , and all is well .Look at Lee Mason , suspended after he screwed up the Brentford Arsenal match where Toney was offside but the goal given , and then was rehired 6 months later to head up VAR.

  8. VAR is a totally joke and the two sendings off were aslo a joke ,how the hell did jota get booked for the first yellow is beyond me when the spur’s player fell over his own two feet 😂😂😂

  9. This one natch could literally be a decider come the final table stats and we are talking about one maybe a couple of games suspended duties for the var team,this is just not a good enough outcome at all.

  10. We will end up with more and more officials checking the checked , I personally think it’s the worst ever thing to bring into our football , keep the goal line technology ditch the rest , it’s totally unforgivable that they strike a goal off in error , those 3points could cost a championship, not only that but a European place ,
    I can’t see past both teams sharing a point now

    1. The trouble is he was given offside by the on field officials which was checked by VAR, if you get rid of VAR for everything but goal line technology then the goal wouldn’t have stood because he was flagged offside.

  11. The only people qualified to judge VAR are ex players. They understand what and how things can happen on field. Clear out the current officials and employ the experts who have worked with the players.

    1. The onfield officials all ruled it offside which is precisely the glaring type of errors that VAR was brought in to correct

  12. Get rid off it like the guys are saying it don’t work ovs Liverpool should of won lassd night but can’t open there eyes to see they woz onside and the ref sack him worst I seen seen how many cards he give out and Deffo a toffee fan

    1. Who knows who would have won I’m a spurs supporter a draw probably fair result but how many times have come away from a field with nothing due to controversial injury or winning goal what goes around comes around

      1. Absolutely right. And when the decisions go against spurs (which is more often than not) nobody says anything nor cares. It all evens out in the long run.

  13. The toxicity that has been meted out to the team I love so much, this season alone has brought me to a conclusion that the EPL may not be for me anymore.
    I am not English and I see no reason to let this kind of offensive wrong into my system.

    Goodbye EPL and most of all LFC. YNWA.

  14. Far to little to late the on field adjudicators should also be reprimanded for their blatant bigotry and one sided Ness during the course of the game the referee should be sacked and never referee any game in the future, he is a cheat fact plain to see by all

  15. So how will this help Liverpool who where denied
    a victory because of there in competance
    The game should be replayed lot at least the girl should stand giving Liverpooll a draw at least

  16. However you see it VAR cost Liverpool 2 points this weekend, and this could easily happen again.

    1. Just like Liverpool with the challenge on skipp last season that should of been a straight red but didn’t even get a yellow


  17. I thought when PGMOL said severe punishment they meant whole six months to a year suspension but severe in terms of one to two games is not good enough. My question to the association is if red card decisions can be overturned why not with genuine disallowed goals.

  18. Removed for a couple of games is not good enough,

    They should be banned from every being involved
    In football again,

  19. It’s not just VAR it the whole league it’s corrupt to the core this was done to keep city at the top it’s the same reason the league are not pushing the 115 charges it’s just gone silent the premier League doesn’t want to upset Thier cash cow and now it’s been made clear as day the officiating in that game was ludicrous

  20. This is serious hate that we supporters can see and if sorry is the answer that wont help the situation either and if I was part of the association I would resign. Day light robberies I may say needs thorough explanation and punishment not one to two game ban after all they gained and we lost.

  21. If cards can be rescinded then wrong decisions should be overturned. We should be awarded the goal to make it 2-2. There’s no give and take anymore.

  22. Couldn’t sleep last night because of this horrible refereeing and the last minute Tottenham win, but Liverpool played a very good game LOVE YOU GUYS and keep working hard and with hope and believe we shall prosper. YOU NEVER WALK ALONE.

  23. That’s all…..their unprofessional decision/work costs us 3 points…..every single point is precious….

    I suggest to have a re-match.

  24. The suspension of two incompetent match officials is like a smack on the wrist to a naughty child both of them should be sacked because it smacks of corruption .What punishment does Simon Cooper receive,he holds the ultimate power on the field of play so he must be complicent and held to account .The loss of points for Liverpool could have serious implications for the team at the end of the season

  25. Get rid of linesman altogether, or only have them flag for throw in violations. The offside yesterday was given on the sideline. Humans have never had the ability to judge offsides visually. We now know that he guessed incorrectly which is why we needed VAR. Use the semi automated system used in the WC. For all offsides, out of bounds and fouls were a card is deemed worthy.

    1. Yes, in circumstances like that why does the linesman need to get involved, when they know it will be checked by VAR anyway?

  26. It’s beyond corrupt VAR. look at the fixtures. If you accept that leading teams are probably at their most vulnerable in the early fixtures as they try to bed in new signing explain this to date this season:

    LFC have played 3 of the established so called top 6 and non of the promoted sides.

    Man City have played none of the established top six and all three promoted sides.

    As with Chelsea and Man U in the past the bias follows the money at the very highest level in what was once our beautiful game and now is a corrupt cess pit of swirling cash and corrupt officials and administrators.

  27. VAR is there to eliminate clear and obvious error
    However, it is now sunject to clear and obvious error itself.
    I was never a fan, as it was using super slo-mo and the game is played and seen at normal speed with human eyes.

    I believe it should be removed and we accept humn error on the field. It used to give rise to debate after the match but about the on field officials not faceless refs in a room somewhere.

    The only way I could ever support its retention is that the VAR team get to see the incdient once at normal speed like the ref. That relates to the real game and a clear and obvious error would stand out like a sore thumb. Thjough in the circumsatnces in the Sprurs v Liverpool match the terrible human would still ahve occured.

    GDS (Goal Decision System) is automatic and only ever had one failure in a unique set od circumstances. I am more than happy with it.

    Give us our game back. Scrap VAR.

  28. Too many inconsticies now,which coupled with erratic refeering decisions is making our game the poorer.Its been the same for years but its only now that a “bigger” club has had it happen against them that a complaint has been noted. Whatever,it is true that smaller clubs are more easily penalised whilst the Big 5 or so have the rules massaged.

  29. Match fixing. End Get som real refs inn not refs ho suport teams in the prem newer sen a more korrupt game end refs inn may life gymmen error in may asss it wass

  30. Sadly, Liverpool were robbed of a goal that could have changed the outcome of the game. For Liverpool fans, their punishment changes nothing tbh.

  31. I am a Wolves supporter, I think we have had a similar RAW DEAL.Against Man U a penalty not given and a goalie who should have got a red card,meaning he missed the next three games.
    Then the Penalty given at Luton which although adjudged to be a valid decision by an independent group. Yes we can all believe in there independence and capabilities if PGMOL is anything to go by and they probably choose the idiots that okd it.
    Plus pundits far and wide said it went against the handball ruling, there was no way it was deliberate or trying to gain an advantage. So overall a potential 3 points lost and with us struggling those 3 would have put us in a much safer position.
    Even the Chief of PGMOL was at the Utd game and came straight out and apologised.

  32. Yes, in circumstances like that why does the linesman need to get involved, when they know it will be checked by VAR anyway?

  33. Perhaps rather than remove them from the next few matches they should use them in Liverpools biggest rivals. The cost of these errors could be massive to Liverpool at the end of the season. An apology is not enough!

  34. Disgraceful, how to ruin a teams progress heading towards No.1 on the Table, with it being absolutely No fault of their own.

    Honestly the Beautiful Game has been severly harmed by this mountain of errors by the Refs and VAR.

    The match should be replayed. Fairness needs to be top of the Rules of Football at this level.

  35. For goal checks it should be like the Video Referee in both codes of rugby: the clock is stopped and they discuss it before finalising the decision. That way these errors can be eliminated.

  36. Wow thats shown em…not. how about giving liverpool the point they unfairly lost for a start. Then fine all those responsible & ban them for rest of the season plus not pay them for yesterdays absolute joke

  37. The FA should grow some balls and declare a rematch sighting major errors in refereeing and VAR.
    As an aside we have seen in the past where VAR have called a holt to the game for the ref to review something he had not seen so why did they not call a stop when it was obvious that spurs took a spot kick after var ha agreed it a goal……..

  38. This has been happening last season as well – just to keep issuing apologies which changes nothing. I can’t remember just how many apologies Howard Webb gave to Brighton but nothing happened, we were not the only club this happened to.
    The season is only a few weeks old and I have lost track of how many apologies have been issued already, these mistakes cost points which over a season can mount up.
    If players get things wrong they get yellow/red cards and they can be fined, managers can also can be fined, in many cases these fines can be for large amounts.
    What should these professional match officials receive for their mistakes?
    VAR is a computer system which is not the problem its the officials that operate it which causes the problems .

  39. If only the referee and managers could have had another look at half time, realised the mistake that had been made and then Spurs stood back and allow Liverpool to walk a goal in. I know there’s not a cat in he’ll chance of it happening but it would certainly give fans a believe in fairness and honesty

  40. VAR is killing the lovely game please get it right or get rid of it. These referees should get hefty fines then I think they will get it right

  41. For decisions to be as bad as these were I can only come to the conclusion that it’s corrupt, it was disgusting and unsportsmanlike

  42. Managers can get sacked ….. so why can’t useless officials receive the same treatment ….. the game should be replayed at the end of the season.

  43. Before casting dispersions look at the records of the officials concerned, exemplary records one mistake and probably working to FA guidelines just doing their jobs sticking to procedure. Do the rules say the game can be stopped after it has been restarted ? Find out the facts first, these guys have families that rely on them !!!
    They are only human 🙄

  44. Get rid of VAR employ the squas of 4 officials.o e referee in each they can be on top of play.nit fatigued with the pace of ping pong football we are forced to enjoy now and we all live with the results.simple.
    Or makes all teams play like our England men’s first team so the game goes sideways not forward so we can all get bored faster and we pay to get out ;))

  45. OK this may help other clubs how does that help Liverpool u xan ban them for life but how does this help us. U can’t just say sorry it effects the club vastly sometimes a single point is the difference winning and losing. Or being in the champion league 4 place I’d like to know what the regulatory body going to do to make this right

  46. There is nothing wrong with VAR it’s a true recording of the incident, it is the people that make the decisions it works in every other sport it is used ,Rugby both codes Tennis Cricket,all grounds seem to have big screens so show it don’t let the officials hide away.

  47. It does not matter what punishment these bad referees get. The error is committed and LFC got the punishment. Nothing is going to change the corruption with continue and errors will keep happening. Why the PGMOL had their meeting in Dubai last week end we know of all the bribes and complete corruption going on with this organization. This is going to destroy the EPL.

  48. Mistakes are inherent in the offside VAR system . The failure to understand that kicking the b all is not an instantaneous action and frames from a video file are not continuous accurate time equivalents means a good percentage of decisions are debatable. As for the sending offs . They seemed clear and likely result of the players actions. Again piping not accuracy is an internet part of the game. If VAR was used in the manner it is used in Rugby. It would,I believe improve accuracy but can never make all decisions clear cut.

  49. Darren England and Dan Cook should be sacked and the game should be played again. disgraceful how on earth is this happening yet again? What happens if the point is lost by Liverpool stops them from winning the premiership I ask you that. this could well happen. the PGMOL need to apologize to Liverpool fan this is not acceptable in the modern game

  50. It could be a big mistake come the end of the season and Liverpool fail to,get into the Champions league by a couple of points and they loss millions

  51. Casemiro of man utd sent off for same sort of tackle last season.
    At least there consistent on there inconsistency if you know what I mean
    VAR is ruining football its not being used
    for what is was brought on for Clear and Obvious mistakes !!!! A player being 2 inches offside isn’t C+O..
    A ball hitting a defender and going out for a corner and goal kick is given us a C+O mistake.

    The game of football is ruined

    The game might as well be determined by computer

  52. Watch the rugby World Cup. They know exactly how to use this technology. They get the right decisions and it doesn’t take half the game to make it

  53. The referee was a disgrace should be sacked var was a joke and they should either replay the game or at the very least change the score giving Liverpool the goal

    1. Make the score 2-2 and deduct Tottenham 2 points LESS than they have now,almost problem solved,but it saves having a replay..

    1. It’s ran by the RNIB I think ? The way decisions are made……………………..And even Stevie Wonder says Luis Diaz was definitely ONSIDE

  54. Please be clear, there is nothing wrong with the technology that works extremely well. It is the people operating the technology who are causing the problems. Maybe instead of a rotation of referees doing VAR we should have small, specially trained, team solely responsible for running the VAR.

  55. VAR is good but bout time it was used properly . In England its a joke but dont help that refs are bias too and arrogant thinking they are better than VAR

  56. Let the managers and the referee decide if the decisions are correct,and not have these decisions made from people elsewhere in the country,surely then the managers and the referee can check without the need for the idiots sat in a little box broom talking $hite to each other,drinking,sleeping and making the wrong decisions when asked to make a ruling…

  57. Why do mens millionaire football not take over how fantastic it worked with VAR way the referees used it in the womens worldchampionship? The referee checked diffucult situations allways on screen, announced decision over mic in stadium. No discussion, no drama. Is it too much pride to take it on?

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