Seriously WORRYING details emerge of Ronaldinho spiralling into alcohol dependency after his mother’s death

It’s perfectly reasonable to expect that anyone will struggle to cope after the loss of a parent that they were close to, but it must be so much harder when you’re a huge celebrity.

It’s actually hard to think of anyone who genuinely dislikes Ronaldinho after his glittering career as a footballer, but a report from Spanish outlet AS has detailed some worrying developments after the death of his Mother.

It’s suggested that he’s quickly resorted to drinking all day every day to cope, so you really have to hope that he gets the help he needs quickly before it does spiral out of control.

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There are suggestions that he’s surrounded and encouraged by people who want to be associated with his fame but they aren’t doing anything to actually help him during a desperate time of need, so it’s easy to see why he’s had to resort to other coping mechanisms.

His mother died a few weeks ago after complications with Covid-19 so he’s still going through the grieving process, but these reports do make you fear that something worse could happen to him.

Here’s hoping he gets surrounded by people who care about him and give him the help he needs to get through a truly awful time.

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