Chelsea star admits he’s not a ‘fighting guy’ and more of a ‘lover’ in response to heated clashes between teammates

Journalist Andy Dillon brought out a brilliant response to the Chelsea in-fighting issues with a wonderful question posed to Mateo Kovacic, who was tasked with pre-match press conference duties.

According to the Telegraph (subscription required), Antonio Rudiger and Kepa Arrizabalaga were involved in a training fight the day after the shock defeat to 5-2, which is a discovery that has become massive news, whilst it’s also added that Reece James and Cesar Azpilicueta had a heated argument.

With that news in mind, it was no surprise to see Thomas Tuchel and Kovacic quizzed on the matters in their media duties ahead of the Champions League quarter-final first-leg against Porto.

But Dillon put a pretty nice creative spin on a question that the Croatian had already answered, asking the midfielder if he’d ever had a ‘training ground bust-ip’, who it was with and if he ‘came out on top’.

Kovacic laughed and exclaimed he’s not a ‘fighting guy’, to which Dillon put forward ‘are you a lover?’, the ace’s partner will be absolutely delighted and expecting royal treatment after he replied ‘Yeah, I am.’

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(Kovacic laughs) “I’m not a fighting guy…”

Dillon: “Are you a lover?”

Kovacic: “Yeah, I am (laughs), no but in the squad there is always sometimes some tension, and me too, I’ve had some conference with other players of course, it’s normal.”

“It’s just like in a family, sometimes you argue with your brothers and sisters, which is normal. So, I think it’s not a big deal, these things happen, the most important is that things are cleared.”

“That we are all good with each other and that we look forward to our objectives. That’s the only important thing.”

The rest of the former Real Madrid star’s commentary on the moment was as expected, the clashes were put down as ‘these things happen’ and ‘normal’ amongst competitors.

Chelsea’s team don’t appear to have been fractured by the clashes at all, as Ben Chilwell and Kurt Zouma proved earlier today when they mocked up a little play fight in pre-match training.

Hats off to Dillon for some great questioning and of course to Kovacic in playing along.

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  1. ogban solomon says:

    true brothers are main to have arguement or fight sometimes, but that should not cost them to seperate or lost trust of themselve.
    you all are brothers because the blue-blood run through your vein.

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