Balotelli’s FILTHIEST story revealed by pissy-shoed victim & ex-teammate

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Liverpool striker Mario Balotelli has gained a reputation for pissing away his career by getting into trouble all of the time and failing to play to his talent level. Apparently he has a fondness for pissing on his teammate’s possessions as well.

In an interview with ESPN Brazil, former Inter Milan teammate Kerlon told a rather odd Balotelli story in which he revealed that despite being a “cool guy and an extraordinary person”, the former Golden Boy winner would arrive at training camp before everyone else and pee on the players’ boots. As a result, Belotelli and Inter legend Marco Materazzi apparently fought often.

“Balotelli is a really cool guy and an extraordinary person, but he does some incredible things off the pitch,” Kerlon said.

“He had this habit of arriving at training before everyone and peeing on all the players’ boots.

“For that reason, he and Materazzi always fought. It was very funny.

Kerlon added that nobody called Balotelli out on his odd behavior because he was still a teenager and was just treated him like a child instead.

“I had never seen an 18-year-old kid (do) that kind of thing,” Kerlon continued. “He didn’t show mercy to anyone, even guys like Julio Cesar and Maicon.

“And no one cared, because he was such a child. They would ruffle his hair and say “Ah, that’s just Balotelli.

“It was really funny to see his arguments with Materazzi… all in good fun, of course. They wound one another up, like Balotelli was his younger brother.”

Balotelli won three straight Serie A titles, the Coppa Italia, Supercoppa Italiana and the Champions League before moving to Man City in 2010.

He later joined Liverpool in 2014 and scored just one goal in 16 games before the team sent him off to AC Milan on a loan deal. He has not played since September 2015.

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