Premier League set to announce major rule change

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The Premier League are set to announce an increase to the number of substitutions allowed in a game from three to five.

All Premier League clubs are set to vote on the potential rule change once again after it had been rejected multiple times over the last few years.

However, The Times are now reporting that they believe there is enough support from the majority of clubs to finalise the change in time for next season.

The general consensus has been that the ‘bigger’ clubs in the league have been in favour, with the ‘smaller’ clubs being opposed to the idea.

The likes of Jurgen Klopp and Pep Guardiola have been publicly vocal on the matter, demanding the league increase the number of substitutions allowed.

The teams with smaller squad depth are understandably against the idea, as it gives those with millions of pounds worth of talent on the bench an advantage.

At times over the last few seasons, some Premier League clubs have barely filled their bench with first-team players. The squads are often made up of youth players, and on some occasions, we’ve seen more than one goalkeeper on the bench.

The Premier League are currently the only major league in Europe to still only allow three subs, and the results of tomorrow’s vote are expected to be announced in June.

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