Transfer Trauma: Reveals The 10 Best & Worst Transfers of the Past 5 Years

The highs and lows of the transfer market.

This neat infographic details some transfer window winners and losers.

The list includes the Torres/ Carroll transfer debacle of 2011 amongst the five worst transfers – Torres took over 903 minutes to score his first Chelsea goal, and Andy Carroll struggled to even break into the Liverpool first team. It also details some surprising runaway successes – many Swans were surprised at the form of Michu when he came to South Wales at a bargain price of just £2million.

After crunching the numbers, are also able to show exactly what return on investment managers have gotten from their signings, for example with one Michus you get 25 Fernando Torres’, scoring 500 goals.

Andy Bell, owner of said: ‘The transfer window is a hectic time. There are some huge sums of money being thrown around as clubs look to secure the players to help them either survive or thrive.’

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