Liverpool fans outraged as former Premier League bad-boy gets on his high horse about Jamie Carragher

Liverpool fans are not impressed at calls for Jamie Carragher to be sacked from Sky Sports coming from controversial former Premier League midfielder Joey Barton.

The 35-year-old, who last played for Burnley, went on a rant on talkSPORT today calling for Carragher to be sacked by Sky after footage emerged of him spitting at a 14-year-old Manchester United fan.

The Daily Mirror now report that Carragher is set for crunch talks over his future with the broadcaster, and Barton has laid into the former Reds defender over the incident.

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Liverpool fan site Empire of the Kop aren’t amused, however, and pulled no punches as they recalled Barton’s long list of controversies throughout his career.

Barton concedes he’s done some stupid stuff as well, but did not hesitate to call out Carragher on failing to be impartial as part of his role as a pundit for Sky Sports.

The outspoken ace also suggested United fans paying for their Sky subscriptions will rightly feel aggrieved at their money going towards a man who’d behave like that towards them.

‘Absolute madness,’ Barton said on talkSPORT.

‘You just can’t do that. I don’t get why he doesn’t just, if he’s that annoyed, just keep his window up or wind it down and tell him to mind his own business.

carragher spit
Jamie Carragher spitting at a young Manchester United fan

‘I mean, I’ve done some stupid stuff but to do that stone cold sober. Why is he that emotionally-attached to the game? He should be an impartial pundit.

‘Surely you’ve got to see the fact that there’s a young girl in the car.

‘Sky probably have a large subscription base that are Man Utd fans and a large subscription base being Fathers or Mothers and they’d be really disappointed and would they want to be paying him to do that.

‘Look, he’s made a mistake. Say that was me, I think my position would be under-fire and I think it will be. I think it’s disappointing because he’s a good pundit but you just can’t condone that. You can’t do that to a young girl outside a football match with that kind of profile.’

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