Exclusive: Anthony Gordon ready to seal Newcastle transfer if Everton accept bid

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Everton winger Anthony Gordon would be ready to make the transfer to Newcastle if a deal can be agreed between the two clubs, CaughtOffside understands.

Newcastle are chasing Gordon in a potential £35million deal after the 21-year-old impressed in the Premier League last season, and sources close to the player have informed CaughtOffside that he’d be tempted by the move to St James’ Park.

This seems quite far from becoming a reality at the moment, however, with Newcastle yet to make a formal offer, despite some initial talks between the two teams.

Gordon would likely cost around £35m, but Everton have already fought off interest from Tottenham in the youngster’s signature this summer.

Anthony Gordon is interested in a move to Newcastle

Newcastle’s wealthy owners will no doubt be keen to keep on strengthening with big names after the recent signings of top talents like Bruno Guimaraes and Sven Botman.

Gordon would be another exciting investment for the club’s fans, and they can perhaps take some encouragement from the fact that he’s seemingly open to the move.

The England Under-21 international looks like he’d fit the bill for Eddie Howe’s needs in the wide positions ahead of next season, so it will be interesting to see how this progresses in the weeks ahead.

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  1. Who on earth makes these stories up? Who told Marc Brus that Gordon was ready to leave Everton for Newcastle?
    And who honestly believes it would be a step up?
    Just because Newcastle have come into a bit of money doesn’t guarantee them success. It may guarantee players better wages, but Gordon will get top wages at Everton, so come on Marc answer my question why would he go?

    1. Everton are going to be in trouble next session that’s why he’d leave. Financial troubles re. FFP, Richarlison gone and a poor manager despite what Everton fans will say.

    2. Every one knows Newcastle is twice the team Everton are they think they are better than Liverpool they have always played shit football horrible team that no one likes and so lucky they didn’t go down they have spent millions and still got no where you are right that money doesn’t win anything that’s if your Everton Man City have won with money Liverpool have won with money it’s about how you spend it so yes why wouldn’t he come

    3. Newcastle are a bigger club with more resources to allow Gordon to flourish. Newcastle finished higher that Everton last season. Everton are selling their best players whilst Newcastle are buying quality and moving forward. Everton are a club moving backwards whilst Newcastle are a club moving forwards. Everton will be in another relegation scrap this season whilst Newcastle will likely be at least top 10. Newcastle have a bright future whereas Everton have a very uncertain future. Good point, though. Why would he move from Everton’s sinking ship to a club with ambition and the means to realise that ambition?!? No idea!! 😂😂👍

      1. nocastle ? ha ha ha ha ha , not a chance dream on, all your buying is washed up mercenaries , cmon £150k a week for wood ? he is championship at best, o hang on thats wher Nocastle spend most of there time

        1. Oh the absolute irony. A fan of the club who’ve just bought Dele Ali saying we’re buying washed up mercenaries! Hilarious.

      2. in what world newcastle a bigger club? when was the last time newcastle actually done anything? they might have wealthier owners but does ffp give them access to all that money? dont think so some how. get real. you might love your club nut your heads not working properly if you think newcastle is a bigger club than everton.

      3. That post gave me a great laugh, thanks for that. 😀 Haha… levels of delusion are sky high.

  2. He is probably open to a move to Newcastle because he doesn’t want to be involved in a relegation fight like last season. Let’s face it Everton and Leeds only just avoided relegation.

  3. Sources close to the player ? which sources are they ? Heinz and HP by the sound of it. The lad would rather stick pins in his eyes than leave Everton for the barcodes. Do these so called journos actually get paid to write this drivel ?

  4. Gordon’s transfer, if materialized, will be a win-win results for both clubs, and the player himself. Newcastle is the only club to have the financial power, and willingness, to build from the ground. Gordon fits the bill perfectly in terms of his age, technique, and his desire to improve. He will certainly flourish under the tutorship of Howey’s team of coaches.

  5. nocastle ? ha ha ha ha ha , not a chance dream on, all your buying is washed up mercenaries , cmon £150k a week for wood ? he is championship at best, o hang on thats wher Nocastle spend most of there time

  6. Jesus….Everton fans haven’t realised yet that they have swapped places with us. Anthony Gordon if I’m honest isnt good enough for Newcastle…I would much rather we went for ismaila sarr.

  7. For now newcastle are far better than everton in squad I’m improvement , an if care no newcastle will lift trophy this season

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