‘Consistency is going to be difficult’ – Lampard already making his excuses as Chelsea look to find form again

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Ahead of their Saturday evening clash against west London rivals, Fulham, Frank Lampard already appears to be making excuses for Chelsea’s form, or more pertinently their lack of it.

The Blues began the season well but have tailed off over the last few weeks, ramping up the pressure on their young manager.

However, rather than perhaps looking at his own failings, Lampard has suggested that the atypical nature of this season and decisions made by league hierarchy is what’s to blame.

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“It seems like consistency is going to be difficult and it will definitely put a mark on this season,” he’s quoted as saying by the Daily Mail.

“My biggest gripe is that nobody came to help us when we played two games on the 26th and the 28th over Christmas when it clearly could have been moved.

“The schedule couldn’t change over Christmas but it can now because we are fighting against Covid. It’s very clear this is not a normal season.

“We’re all here to play ball and find the best way through this but all of a sudden these new rules have come in.”

Although there are extenuating circumstances this season, the same issues apply for every Premier League club, and you don’t hear any other managers bleating about it.

Surely Lampard would be better served by working with his squad to get to the root of their problems, rather than looking to palm off his shortcomings under the coronavirus umbrella.

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