‘Anyone who knows me knows that I’m not racist!’ – Sebastien Coltescu reacts after racism incident during PSG vs Istanbul involving coach Pierre Webo

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According to Marca via Romanian publication ProSport, Sebastian Coltescu – the fourth official that is at the centre of a racism storm after an incident during PSG vs Istanbul Basaksehir – has defended himself.

A frenzy ensued when it became apparent that Coltescu used the term ‘negru’ to refer to Istanbul coach and former Cameroon star Pierre Webo, with that Romanian word translating to ‘black’.

This sparked uproar, with former Newcastle and Chelsea star Demba Ba standing up for Webo by confronting Coltescu for his use of the term.

Marca cite findings by ProSport, which are based on Coltescu’s comments to his family after the controversial incident.

Attempts were made to resume the match after it was halted, but both sets of players ultimately and rightfully refused to as Coltescu would still have to be involved – but as a VAR official instead.

It was wonderful to see Demba Ba’s outspoken stance echoed by 21-year-old Paris Saint-Germain superstar Kylian Mbappe, who insisted ‘we can’t play’ if Coltescu had to remain involved in any capacity.

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Here’s what Coltescu has reportedly had to say on the matter:

“I just try to be good, I’m not going to read any news sites these next few days. Anyone who knows me knows that I’m not racist! At least that’s what I hope.”

Hackers have already tinkered with Coltescu’s Instagram account, all eyes are on UEFA to make the right decision after their investigation of the incident.

It’s heartbreaking to see that a matter involving racism led to a Champions League match having to be abandoned in 2020, but it was beautiful to see both sets of players standing up for what’s right.

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  1. They didn’t stand up for what’s right but for a mistake in the best case scenario. Or perhaps for playing the race card to get away with improper behaviour, in the worst case scenario. Coltescu is the victim here, not Webo.
    Coltescu is not racist, he used the Romanian word “negru” (not “negro”, which is not a Romanian word) which means “black”, nothing more. Black, as in Black Lives Matter.
    We have slur words for the black people in Romanian (“negrotei”, “cioara”) but “negru” is not one of them.
    At best, it was an honest mistake on Webo’s side, who might have misunderstood a Romanian word.

  2. Webo didn’t misunderstood anything … this was planned and premeditated … the whole ‘racist incident’ … he (the black guy … not a white guy) purposely insulted the Romanian Referees from the beginning of a match and when Sebastian Coltescu, had enough verbal abuse and decided to ask for a red card, he started the theatrics, and frankly a very aggressive behavior (let’s just say it like this … if someone will make that stance … at me … i put him down very quickly and very violently). These guys don’t make mistake … they are political activists. And so is UEFA!

    Coltescu was communicating in Romanian with his co-national … there was no point for him to speak in english. That speech wasn’t addressed to any other person but to Ovidiu Hategan, the main referee.

    As for not using the Romanian word for color black in the presence of a black person, because the black person may misinterpret and became violent (like Webo) … letting aside that this is the most racist and discriminatory thing i heard in this whole incident … it will never happen! Our culture is neither racist, neither color-sensitive! This is our word, not theirs. That slang they have … they stole it from latin, and they should stop using it, not us.

    OR … you can try to make us … stop using it … i’m here … anytime, anywhere!

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